Soul Screamer (Skald Archetype)

Bind Spirit: A soul screamer may seal pacts with otherworldly entities known as spirits. In order to summon a spirit, the soul screamer must learn the spirit’s ceremony, constellation, personality, and seal by completing its four Knowledge Tasks; see Researching the Spirit for more information on this process. A soul screamer begins play having completed all four Knowledge Tasks for one 1st-level spirit of his choice that belongs to one of his chosen constellations (see tunneled lore below).

Each day, a soul screamer may bind one spirit to his soul using pact magic; see Performing a Pact Ritual. This spirit’s level may not exceed the soul screamer’s maximum spirit level, which is limited to 1st-level spirits at 1st level. At 4th level and every three skald levels thereafter, the soul screamer’s maximum spirit level increases by 1, to a maximum of 6th-level spirits at 16th level.

A soul screamer’s binder level is equal to his level. The DC to resist a soul screamer’s supernatural powers is equal to 10 + 1/2 the soul screamer’s binder level + the soul screamer’s Charisma modifier.

This ability replaces bardic knowledge.

Diminished Spellcasting: A soul screamer possesses 1 fewer spell per day at each spell level. A soul screamer who would receive 0 spells per day only receives bonus spells earned at that level as a result of a high Charisma score. Additionally, the soul screamer receives one fewer spell known at each spell level (including orisons) than is presented on Table: Skald Spells Known in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Class Guide.

Tunneled Lore: At 1st level, a soul screamer chooses one constellation. He may only seal pacts with starless spirits and spirits belonging to his chosen constellation. All other constellations are barred to him.

Occult Raging Song (Su): At 3rd level, the soul screamer gains Ability Share† as a bonus feat. When he starts an inspiring rage, the soul screamer can share this teamwork feat with all allies who accept his inspiring rage as though it were a rage power. Additionally, he may share one minor granted ability to all recipients of this feat from one spirit that he is currently bound to as though he was using Ability Share, ignoring the feat’s usual positioning requirements and limitations regarding how granted abilities can be shared. If the minor granted ability has daily uses, the soul screamer’s allies may use the granted ability once per rage. These uses count against the spirit screamer’s daily uses of the granted ability. All other granted abilities are active for the duration of his rage. A soul screamer cannot share a minor granted ability that requires a creature to spend a standard action or any number of full-round actions to activate it.

This ability replaces the skald’s 3rd-level rage power.

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