Soulfire (Theurge Archetype)
The City of 7 Seraphs

Spells: A soulfire may select cleric/oracle, druid, or psychic as one of their spell lists instead of only cleric/oracle. The other spell list must be sorcerer/wizard. If you are using Source OriginBoB mechanics, they may cast cleric/oracle spells as a Primal Origin if they so choose. Alternatively, the druid spells may be resolved as either Divine or Primal Origin. If they select psychic spells they may choose to consider them Divine or Primal Origin instead of Mental. These choices once made cannot be changed.

Bonus Languages: Druidic. Ignan, and Terran are options for a 1st level soulfire in addition to other languages.

Kindlestave (Su): The soulfire grows a special staff that serves as prayerbook, spellbook, and divine focus (if any). The staff stays are regularly trimmed as part of the process of learning new spells. Special materials (roughly equal to standard costs to scribe a spell) are prepared to “plant” the kindlestave and cause it to grow new branches. Each cut branch reveals a pattern of rings that encodes the understanding of magic to the soulfire. Only casters who understand Druidic can understand spells scribed in a kindlestave.

This ability replaces both spellbooks and prayer books.

Soulfire Spells (Su): The soulfire gains the ability to select a number of non-arcane spells that target a single creature and designate these spells as soulfire spells. The soulfire can cast a sorcerer/wizard spell that deals energy damage as a full action to add the effects a soulfire spell to any target that fails its saving throw against the damaging arcane spell. Each soulfire spell you know can only be applied once per day in this way. You gain a 1st level soulfire spell at 5th level and an additional spell of one level higher ever 3 levels thereafter.

This ability replaces Innate Spell.

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