More fixated on magic than might, spellscales are dedicated to the secrets of magic, choosing to expand upon this knowledge. While physically less imposing, spellscales make up for this their magical talents, as well as those of their drakes.

Magical Drake: At 1st level, a spellscale’s drake companion gains the Basic Magical Training feat. In addition, the drake companion is able to use the dragoon’s spell points as her own whenever she is within 60 feet of her. If either the dragoon or her drake companion uses a spell point, the other is unable to do so for 1 round. At 2nd level and every even level afterwards, the drake companion gains a magical talent of the spellscale’s choice. At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter, the drake companion increases its caster level by 1.

This ability replaces brutal bond, drake talent, and shared vigor.

Mystic Might (Ex): At 3rd level, as long as a spellscale is within 60 feet of her drake companion, both herself and her drake companion gain a +1 bonus to their caster levels. At 10th level and again at 17th, their caster levels increase by an additional +1 each.

This ability replaces draconic might.

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