The Initiate's Handbook
Spellvampires are a rare and obscure class of shapeshifters, belonging to an ancient form of magic stemming from the same sort of power inherent within doppelgangers and similar creatures. However, where other practitioners of magic learned to perfectly copy a form upon sight, the spellvampire relies on stealing shreds of a creature’s essence before fully imitating them, and in doing so, learns to steal more than just their visage.

Hunger Within (Ex)

At 1st level, the spellvampire gains the bite bestial trait. When dealing damage with this bite attack, she may choose to reduce the damage she deals to 0.

This replaces the bestial trait gained at 2nd level.

Quick Study (Sp)

A spellvampire gains the Mimicry talent from the Alteration sphere as a bonus magical talent. She may always study a creature as a swift action without spending a spell point, and may spend a spell point to study a creature as a free action that can be taken outside of her turn. If the spellvampire would gain a talent she already knows, she instead can apply an extra trait when transforming into the (transformation) talent gained, and increases her caster level by 1 when shapeshifting into it.

This replaces quick transformation.


A spellvampire gains the Alteration sphere as a bonus magic talent, and she uses her class level as her caster level when shapeshifting into a (transformation) talent she has gained from the Mimicry talent, even with traits added from talents not gained from the Mimicry talent.

This alters shapeshifter.

Empress of the Essences

At 3rd level, a spellvampire gains the Mana sphere and the Manasurge Strike talent as bonus magical talents. She gains the Weapon-Bound drawback, but she may only use her bite attack to utilize Mana sphere effects.

This replaces endurance.

Face Stealer (Sp)

At 4th level, the spellvampire begins to learn how to utilize her innate shapeshifting prowess. When she makes a bite attack as part of an attack action on a creature she has studied, she may spend a spell point to shapeshift as a free action that can be taken outside of her turn, although she must use the talent gained from the Mimicry talent. When shapeshifting in this way, the shapeshift remains without concentration, as if she had spent a spell point.

This replaces lingering transformation.

Fang-fueled Language

A spellvampire may only use her steal language ability by first biting a creature. The same limitation exists for her boundless communication and endless communication features, but she may permanently communicate with such creatures after biting

This alters steal language, boundless communication and endless communication.

Mind Stealer (Sp)

At 8th level, the spellvampire learns to steal more than just a creature’s visage. She learns to make a special expunge that she may only deliver through her bite attack. The creature must attempt a Fortitude save against her Mana sphere DC. On failure, the spellvampire can choose between one of two effects: She may immediately drain 1d2 spell points from the creature, removing that many spell points from the creature and gaining as many spell points (but not temporary ones) that were removed. This increases by one dice step at 12th level and every four levels thereafter. Alternatively, she may steal the knowledge of one magical talent that creature knows for 24 hours. For this duration, the creature loses the ability to utilize this magical talent, and the spellvampire can use it as if she possessed it, using the creature’s caster level with the sphere (up to a maximum of the spellvampire’s class level). If the spellvampire does not possess the base sphere needed to learn that talent, she instead gains the base sphere. If the spellvampire does not possess the required prerequisites, she gains instead one of the prerequisites she qualifies for. If she does not qualify for any talent, she gains no talent.

The spellvampire can only attempt to use mind stealer once per day per creature, and can only drain a number of additional spell points each day equal to half her class level. She may only retain knowledge of two talents, plus an additional talent at 12th level and every four levels thereafter. Any additional use requires her to lose a stolen talent that she does not use as a prerequisite to any other talent.

This replaces the bestial talent gained at 8th level.

Power Stealer (Sp)

Starting at 12th level, when the spellvampire utilizes her mind stealer ability on a creature and the creature fails its save, she may instead choose to steal one of that creature’s natural attacks, immunities, or extraordinary abilities. The exact abilities that can be chosen are up to the GM’s discretion, but should be abilities such as the barbarian’s rage ability, the rogue’s sneak attack ability, or a dragon’s breath weapon. Such abilities can only be retained for 1 minute, and the spellvampire can only retain the use of one such ability at a time. Abilities with a specific number of roundly uses instead only lose uses equal to the spellvampire’s level, and the spellvampire may utilize them for that many rounds. Natural attacks that are stolen adjust their damage dice to fit the spellvampire’s size, reducing them or increasing them as normal.

The spellvampire cannot use this ability on creatures with a higher CR than her class levels.

This replaces the bestial talent gained at 12th level.

God Stealer (Sp)

Starting at 16th level, when the spellvampire utilizes her mind stealer ability on a creature and the creature fails its save, she may instead choose to steal any of that creature’s supernatural or spell-like abilities, retaining use of them for half the uses the creature had remaining of them, or for 24 hours. The spellvampire may now use her caster level when utilizing any magical talents she has stolen and additionally and may now retain extraordinary abilities, immunities or natural attacks for 24 hours.

The spellvampire may use power stealer and god stealer on creatures up to CR 20.

This replaces the bestial talent gained at 16th level.

Forever Evolving

At 20th level, the spellvampire reaches the pinnacle of her thievery. The spellvampire may spend a spell point to retain any magical talent, supernatural ability, extraordinary ability, immunity, or natural attack at the start of each day for an additional day. She may keep any such abilities indefinitely as long as she spends a spell point for each ability at the start of each day. Additionally, she no longer has a limit of how many magical talents she may store, or how many spell points she may drain each day. The original creature does not regain the use of any stolen abilities as long as the spellvampire retains them.

The spellvampire may use power stealer and god stealer on creatures on any CR.

This replaces the bestial talent gained at 20th level.

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