Sphere Races

The following are new races and racial options. Not all of these races inherently use the sphere rules, so it is also possible to play them in other games and settings.

Note: The subtypes in the races below are also treated as types for the purpose of determining whether or not a race is affected by effects such as the Bane weapon special ability. For example, Leshy are treated as plants for that purpose, even though they are humanoids.

See the Skybourne Feats page for additional feats and character options for these races.

Race Description
Alraun Alraun are humanoids grown from plants.
Cecaelia Cecaelia are kraken-like humanoids, with their aquatic traits most prevalent on the lower halves of their body.
Cherufe Cherufe are dinosaur-like humanoids.
Created Created are artificial creatures.
Cuazaj Cuazaj are majestic, dragon-like humanoids.
Fenghuang Fenghuang are intelligent birds.
Leshy Leshy are stout tree-people.
Sidhier Sidhier are humanoids with distant fey ancestry.
Tatulani Tatulani are sizable insectoids.
Standard Races This page includes options for standard races such as aasimar and orcs.
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