Spheres Of Power

Spheres of Power

Spheres of Power is a unique magic system created by Drop Dead Studios for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In this variant system, players choose their magical abilities from among twenty different spheres, spending Magic Talents to create a uniquely customized character. Spheres of Power is more about what you can do than what you can't - it gives you the tools you need to create a character, then lets you decide how to flavor it. For more information about the mechanics, see 'Using Spheres of Power' below.

The Spheres

-Fallen Fey

-Technomancy [3PP]

Advanced Magic

-About Advanced Magic
-Advanced Talents
-Mythic Spheres
-Wild Magic


-Alternate Racial Traits
-Casting Traditions

Feat Types

-Item Creation
-Wild Magic


-Special Materials
-Magical Items


-Sphere Bestiary
-Sphere Templates

Sample Characters

-The Bear Caller (Angry bear noises.)
-The Blaster (Well-Balanced Elementalist)
-The Classic Mage (Generalist Incanter)
-The Green Witch (Nature-focused Hedgewitch)
-The Ice Knight (Elemental-focused Mageknight)
-The Master of Illusions (Illusion-focused Fey Adept)
-The Master of Many Forms (Alteration-focused Shifter)
-The Mind Mage (Mind-focused Eliciter)
-The Mountain (Enhancement-focused Armorist)
-The Shy Librarian (Bookworm Thaumaturge)


-Fey Adept
-Soul Weaver

Sphere Archetypes

-Sphere Alchemist
-Sphere Antipaladin
-Sphere Arcanist
-Sphere Bard [Core]
-Sphere Bloodrager
-Sphere Cleric [Core]
-Sphere Druid [Core]
-Sphere Hunter
-Sphere Inquisitor
-Sphere Investigator
-Sphere Magus
-Sphere Medium
-Sphere Mesmerist
-Sphere Oracle
-Sphere Paladin [Core]
-Sphere Ranger [Core]
-Sphere Shaman
-Sphere Skald
-Sphere Sorcerer [Core]
-Sphere Summoner
-Sphere Warpriest
-Sphere Witch
-Sphere Wizard [Core]

Other Archetypes

-Alchemist (Combat Engineer, Essentialist, Hemetic Philosopher) | Alchemist Discoveries
-Barbarian (Worldsoul Incarnate) | Barbarian Rage Powers
-Barbarian, Unchained (Worldsoul Incarnate)
-Bard (Knave)
-Bloodrager (Hemophage, Mystic Scion)
-Cavalier (Halfling Dragonrider)
-Cleric (Faithful Shepherd) | Cleric Domains
-Druid (Spirit Mender)
-Fighter (Impossible Warrior, Impressor, Spirit-Wielder, War Hero)
-Gunslinger (Glass-Eye Gunmage, Wandslinger)
-Inquisitor (Ordained Hunter, Shield of the Gods)
-Investigator (Nightblazer, Psyforensic) | Investigator Talents
-Magus (Arcane Weaponeer) | Magus Arcana
-Medium (Visionary)
-Mesmerist (Conniving Bastard)
-Monk (Beastsoul Monk)
-Monk, Unchained (Beastsoul Monk, Shadow Boxer, Yamabushi) | Ki Powers
-Paladin (Parzivalian Knight)
-Psychic (Ascendant Mind)
-Ranger (Folk Healer, Geosurveyor)
-Rogue (Ghost Stepper, Snake Oil Salesman)
-Rogue, Unchained (Ghost Stepper, Lucky Bastard, Talent Thief, Treasure Seeker) | Rogue Talents
-Samurai (Blind Swordsman)
-Shaman (Soul with Many Faces) | Shaman and Witch Hexes
-Slayer (Ghost Stepper) | Slayer Talents
-Spiritualist (Psychomancer)
-Vigilante (Alter-Ego, Masked Adept) | Vigilante Talents
-Warpriest (Devoted Disciple, Divine Heretic)
-Witch (Withering Witch) | Witch Hexes
-Wizard (Cosmic Sage, Eclectic Researcher)

-Familiars (Beast of Omen, Shadow Familiar)

Prestige Classes

-Bokor [Core]
-Forest Lord
-Waking Sleeper
-Spheres Archwizard [Wiki]
-Master Of Vagueries [3PP]
-Trinity Angel [3PP]

Spheres of Power Credits: Lead Designer Adam Meyers; Developers Owen Stephens, Thomas Keene & Ryan Ricks; Book Layout & Design Rachel Meyers; Editing Rachel Ricks; Cover Art Ben Wootten; Interior Art Jacob Blackmon (Full Page Art), Gennifer Bone (Character Portraits), Rick Hershey (Monochrome Images), John Stevenson (Sphere Symbols)

Spheres of Power Expanded Options Credits: Authors Adam Meyers, J Gray, James Mars, Michael Sayre & Douglas Schaub; Interior Art Jacob Blackmon, Gennifer Bones, Storn Cook, Juan Deigo Dlanderas, Rick Hershey, Miguel Santos, Expeditious Retreat Press; Cover Art Jacob Blackmon; Layout Rachel Meyers

Archetypes of Power Credits: Author Andrew J Gibson; Creative Director Adam Meyers; Interior Art Jacob Blackmon, Scott Harshbarger, Storn Cook, Vagelio Kaliva, Matt Morrow, Gary Dupuis; Layout Rachel Meyers; Special Thanks Derfael Oliveira, Johannes Luber, Joshua Weber, Norman Hammond, Ethan Knowles, David Spektorov, Paul Fossgreen, Wade Cornell, Wren Rosario, Dylan Hentch, ICN, N. Jolly, shmone else

Wild Magic Credits: Author Andrew Stoeckle; Creative Director Adam Meyers; Interior Art Jack Holliday, Brett Neufeld, JE Stock Art, Matt Marrow, and Critical Hit; Layout Rachel Meyers; Special Thanks Johannes Luber, Derfael Oliveira, John Little, Steve Loftus

Woodfaring Adventures Credits: Author Adam Meyers; Contributors Derfael Oliveira and Andrew Stoeckle; Special Thanks Johannes Luber Layout: Rachel Meyers Cover Art: Stephen Nickel Interior Art: Rick Hershey, Jacob Blackmon, Wenjun Mao, One Man Studio, Tom McGrath, Dean Spencer, Jack Holliday, Claudio Casini, Keliana Tayler, Storn Cook, Gennifer Bone, Gary Dupuis, Mariana Ruiz, Emmanuel Lema Martinez, Brett Neufeld

Worlds of Power Credits: Authors Wm Jay Carter III, Richard Cramer, and Alexander Corrin; Artists Wm Jay Carter III, Richard Cramer, Sharon Cramer, and Cerberus Illustrations; Editor Adam Meyers; Layout Rachel Meyers; Publisher Adam Meyers

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