Spheres Of Power

Spheres of Power

Spheres of Power is a unique magic system created by Drop Dead Studios for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. In this variant system, players choose their magical abilities from among twenty different spheres, spending Magic Talents to create a uniquely customized character. Spheres of Power is more about what you can do than what you can't - it gives you the tools you need to create a character, then lets you decide how to flavor it. For more information about the mechanics, see 'Using Spheres of Power' below.


-Fey Adept
-Soul Weaver

Sphere Archetypes

-Sphere Arcanist
-Sphere Bard [Core]
-Sphere Bloodrager
-Sphere Cleric [Core]
-Sphere Druid [Core]
-Sphere Hunter
-Sphere Inquisitor
-Sphere Magus
-Sphere Oracle
-Sphere Paladin [Core]
-Sphere Ranger [Core]
-Sphere Shaman
-Sphere Skald
-Sphere Sorcerer [Core]
-Sphere Summoner
-Sphere Warpriest
-Sphere Witch
-Sphere Wizard [Core]

Other Archetypes

-Alchemist (Archaic Alchemist, Combat Engineer, Essentialist) | Alchemist Discoveries
-Barbarian (Worldsoul Incarnate) | Barbarian Rage Powers
-Barbarian, Unchained (Worldsoul Incarnate)
-Cleric (Faithful Shepherd)
-Druid (Spirit Mender)
-Fighter (Impossible Warrior, Impressor, Spirit-Wielder, War Hero)
-Gunslinger (Glass-Eye Gunmage, Wandslinger)
-Inquisitor (Ordained Hunter, Shield of the Gods)
-Investigator (Psyforensic) | Investigator Talents
-Magus | Magus Arcana
-Medium (Psychic Medium)
-Monk (Beastsoul Monk)
-Monk, Unchained (Beastsoul Monk, Shadow Boxer, Yamabushi) | Ki Powers
-Paladin (Parzivalian Knight)
-Ranger (Folk Healer, Geosurveyor)
-Rogue (Snake Oil Salesman)
-Rogue, Unchained (Lucky Bastard, Talent Thief, Treasure Seeker) | Rogue Talents
-Samurai (Blind Swordsman)
-Slayer | Slayer Talents
-Vigilante (Alter-Ego)
-Warpriest (Divine Heretic)
-Witch | Witch Hexes
-Wizard (Eclectic Researcher)

-Familiars (Beast of Omen, Shadow Familiar)

Prestige Classes

-Bokor [Core]
-Forest Lord
-Waking Sleeper

Sample Characters

-The Classic Mage (Level 1 Generalist Incanter)
-The Green Witch (Level 1 Nature-focused Hedgewitch)
-The Master of Many Forms (Level 1 Alteration-focused Shifter)
-The Mind Mage (Level 1 Mind-focused Eliciter)

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