The City of 7 Seraphs

The Steamstriders

CG preeminent organization
Leaders the Committee
Values radical experimentation, advancing knowledge and understanding
Nicknames “Vapes,” “Cogs,” “Burners,” and “Mad Scientists”
Public Goals to study the energies and uses of the Radia, to administer the schools of the city, to facilitate the selection process of the schools, to support the Wardens by training potential candidates, to pursue new knowledge tirelessly
Private Goals to understand the nature of knowledge itself, to harness and control the power of the Radia, the shape the Occlusion, to create the Future in the time of the Present
Allies among fellow organizations, the Cocoon Pact, the Children of Dreams, and the House of Prominence
Enemies the Booksealers' need to control information has made them enemies ever since the educational area was planned, the Hands of Burden see them as overly reckless and the Descendants of Thunder view them as unfocused
Membership Requirements trained in Craft (any), Knowledge (any), or Spellcraft
Influence Limitations Each time the adventurers wish to reach a new rank, they must acquire a source of materials, or test an unproven hypothesis for the organization significantly more noteworthy than the last. Succeeding at a special task more frequently than described below still gains you 1 favor (2 PP) but does not advance you toward the next rank of influence (or increase your Fame).

Special Tasks

Acquire Materials (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Steamstriders by acquiring materials from a challenging or dangerous situation. Acquiring materials that required overcoming a hazard or guardian with CR higher than your level satisfies this special task.
Test Hypothesis (1 Favor/2 Fame) Once every two months, you can increase your Fame score or take a step toward raising your influence with the Steamstriders by testing a hypothesis successfully regardless of its veracity. This requires a successful check against DC 10 + twice your level with an appropriate Knowledge skill and special challenges as determined by the GM.


Passive Benefits (Fame Awards)

“Inquisitive”—Rank 1 (5 Fame): You can access the Steamstriders’ suppliers and affiliate craftsman. When within 100 miles of the city, you save 10% on raw materials costs you acquire from allies of the organization.
“Researcher”—Rank 2 (20 Fame): You gain access to superior libraries and public lorehouses. When within 100 miles of the city, you gain a +2 bonus on Knowledge checks made to research.
“Futurist”—Rank 3 (35 Fame): You master further analysis techniques used to search for the Great Next. You can cast analyze dweomer once per day as a spell-like ability at your character level.
“Drafter”—Rank 4 (50 Fame): You become an influential leader of the organization and gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks against those familiar with the Steamstriders. In addition, you can retrain without expending money or favors (or PP).

Favors (Prestige Awards)

New benefits are marked with an asterisk (*). All other benefits are described in the Mastering Intrigue chapter of Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Intrigue or the campaign setting intrigue guide.
Rank 1 (5 Fame, 1 PP): borrow resources (100 gp), case (+15), gather information, sage (arcana, local, or planes +15)
Rank 1 (10 Fame, 2 PP): experimental procedure*, skill specialization (Craft [any], Knowledge [planes], Perform [any]), test prototype* (500 gp)
Rank 2 (20, 5 PP): command team (1 1st-level aethernaut or radiant), put in a good word, retrain (locate trainer), schema of light*, test prototype* (3,000 gp)
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 2 PP): shaping techniques*
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 5 PP): test prototype* (20% discount), borrow resources (5,000 gp), command team (1 4th-level bard, 1d4 3rd-level aethernauts, or 3d4 1st-level nexus), reciprocal benefits
Rank 3 (35 Fame, 15 PP): retrain (no gp cost)
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), command team (1d4 6th-level aethernauts or radiant; or 5d4 3rd-level aethernauts or nexus)
Rank 4 (50 Fame, 25 PP): borrow resources (15,000 gp), command team (1d4 6th-level aethernauts or radiant; or 5d4 3rd-level aethernauts or nexus), reactive distortion*

New Benefits

Test Prototype (5, 20, 25, or 50 Fame; 2 PP or 5 PP): The organization actively searches for field tests of prototype equipment. The PCs can request an experimental item for 1 favor (2 PP) or half its standard market price. At Rank 1 (5 Fame), the market value is 500 gp or less. At Rank 2 (Fame 20), the value of this prototype increases to a market value 3,000 gp. At Rank 3 (Fame 35), the PCs can purchase magic weapons, items and armor from the researchers at a 20% discount by spending 2 favors (5 PP). For the purposes of item availability, the organization counts as a metropolis. All items gained through test prototype should have a random flaw chosen GM or roll on the scroll mishap table on critical failures.

Experimental Procedure (10 Fame, 2 PP): The organization grants you access to bleeding-edge artifice and alchemy to rapidly self-experiment. You may retrain avoiding normal time requirements but for each level the GM may call for their choice of Fortitude or Will save against a DC of 12 + the number of levels being changed, for each save failed the GM may select a different level of their choice or inflict a drawback or flaw on the character.

Reactive Distortion (50 Fame, 25 PP): The organization considers you of worth to invest you with an emergency ability to shape temporal disruptions, as the spell time stop as a spell-like ability of your character level, once a day.

Sage (5 Fame, 1 PP): You consult a sage, who makes one Knowledge check on your behalf.

Schema of Light (20 Fame, 5 PP): Steamstriders share their knowledge of Radia-infused crafting with you. Select one Craft skill and one Craft feat. As long as your crafting occurs in one settlement or district within 100 miles of the city, you may reduce time or material costs (chosen when selected) by 20%. This benefit may be selected more than once, up to once for time and cost per Craft skill feat.

Shaping Techniques (35 Fame, 2 PP): You add fabricate to your class spell list as a 5th-level spell and add it to your spells known. You must be able to cast 5th-level spells to gain this benefit.

Steamstriders Views & Beliefs

Among the organizations, the Steamstriders may be the only one that isn’t overly concerned with its place in the hierarchy of the Council. The Parity is certainly older than the Everlasting Dawn. And probably the Foreseers as well, but you’d be hard pressed to find a Steamstrider that could confirm this as that their concern is moving forward, to the Great Next. The exact nature of the Great Next is a matter of some debate. Discovery is the driving force behind the organization and their work is never done, even when it is. A number of successful experiments have resulted in new magical knowledges for the Steamstriders and the entire City, but members often lose interest as soon as the results are verified. Many of them end up in deep depressions for fear they will never match their own prior success or find another relevant project.

Between epiphanies the organization manages to find time to run the Universities and the magical schools comprising the Academies. These resources grant the city a supply of magical practitioners and also provide rudimentary education to the children of the city. From these associated grooming schools the organization-sponsors maintain hope to find prodigies as soon as possible to swell their ranks and fill needed roles in the Wardens.

Steamstriders Game Mechanics

Artephile (ParamourCoLS:P Archetype)
Collegiate Barista (Investigator Archetype)
Jekyllian Knight (Cavalier Archetype)
Knight of Three Roads (Paladin Archetype)

Steamstriders Feats

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