The Gravecaller's Handbook
The stitcher is a student of science and thaumaturgy, treating their patients, living or otherwise, with the best of their skill, craft, and expertise. A stitcher may find themselves at home in many places, but often take up residence where the living and dead are accepted side-by-side.


A stitcher may combine spheres and talents to create magical effects. A stitcher is considered a Low-Caster.

Spell Pool

A stitcher gains a small reservoir of energy she can call on to create truly wondrous effects, called a spell pool. This pool contains a number of spell points equal to her class level + his casting ability modifier (minimum 1). This pool replenishes once per day after roughly 8 hours of rest.

Blended Training

The stitcher gains a talent every even level. This talent may be spent on either magic talents or combat talents. Stitchers use their casting ability modifier as their practitioner modifier.

This ability replaces combat training.

Threads And Thaumaturgy

At 1st level, the stitcher gains the Death sphere as a bonus magic talent and uses her class level as her caster level with the Death sphere. This stacks normally with caster levels gained from other sources. The stitcher cannot select a drawback which removes the reanimate ability, and if she possesses a drawback that removes the reanimate ability, she must buy back that drawback with this bonus talent.

This ability replaces the problem solver class feature.

Medicine For All (Ex)

At 1st level, the stitcher may use the Heal skill or her medical training class feature on an undead creature as though it were a living creature, such as using the Heal skill to provide long-term care on a mindless undead even though mindless undead do not regain hit points from resting. This does not allow the stitcher to use expert medical training to heal a destroyed undead.

This ability alters medical training.

Corpsecrafter’s Science (Ex)

At 2nd level, the stitcher may use a flashbang, including one modified by the explosive descriptor, as though it were an alchemical item when creating an alchemy-implanted creature. Treat a flashbang implanted this way as a splash weapon when determining the template’s abilities. The stitcher must expend martial focus as normal when using a flashbang or material imposition this way.

This ability alters flashbangs.

Stitcher’s Knacks (Ex)

At 2nd level, the stitcher gains a bonus Death sphere talent and Unliving Chemister as a bonus feat, even if she does not meet the prerequisites. If the stitcher already has the Unliving Chemister feat, she instead gains a bonus Death sphere talent.

If the stitcher spends at least 1 minute preparing a corpse, such as by treating it with chemicals, stitching its skin back together, engraving the body with runes, or other appropriate effects (such as those thematic to the stitcher’s casting tradition), the duration of the stitcher’s reanimate sphere effect is increased by 50% on that corpse. This bonus does not stack with the increase granted by the Extend Spell feat. These preparations must be made each time the corpse is reanimated to gain this benefit. A stitcher can only have a number of corpses prepared this way equal to her practitioner modifier; preparing a new body in excess of this number causes any preparations on the oldest corpse to be undone.

At 4th level, the stitcher counts as possessing the amateur arcanist knack for the purposes of qualifying for scholar knacks, feats, and other similar effects.

This ability alters knacks and replaces the knack gained at 2nd level.

Stitcher’s Trade Secrets (Ex)

At 6th level, the stitcher gains a bonus Death sphere talent and the ability to augment corpses she prepares with trade secrets, special techniques and modifications that grant reanimated undead additional abilities. Whenever the stitcher spends at least 1 minute preparing a corpse (as described in stitcher’s knacks), she may choose 1 trade secret, augmenting the corpse and the resulting undead created by the stitcher’s next use of reanimate on the corpse.

Applying a trade secret to a corpse is done in a way suitable to the body with tools and resources the stitcher keeps on their person or in a portable alchemy lab. At 9th level, and every 3 levels thereafter, she may choose 1 additional trade secret. The trade secrets can be chosen more than once and stack unless otherwise stated. A trade secret’s DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 the stitcher’s scholar level + her practitioner modifier unless otherwise stated.

  • Coagulated Marrow: The undead gains fast healing 1 (or increases any fast healing it possesses by 1).
  • Limber And Flexible: The undead’s natural reach increases by +5 feet. This trade secret may only be chosen once.
  • Muscle And Sinew: The undead’s Strength score increases by +2 and each movement speed the undead possesses increases by +5 feet. This trade secret can be picked once at 6th level and an additional time every 6 levels thereafter.
  • Pickled: The undead gains the stench universal monster rule with a radius of 10 feet. The stench ability’s DC is equal to the stitcher’s trade secrets DC. Each time this trade secret is selected, the radius of the stench ability increases by 10 feet. The stitcher is immune to the stench aura from this trade secret.
  • Stimulated Nerve-Endings: The undead’s Dexterity score increases by +2 and the number of attacks of opportunity the undead can make in a round increases by 1. This trade secret can be picked once at 6th level and an additional time every 6 levels thereafter.
  • Tough Stitching: The undead gains an additional 10 hit points. You may choose to only increase the undead’s hit points by 5 to instead increase any damage reduction the undead possesses by 2.
  • Vocal Chords: The undead gains the ability to speak a single language the stitcher knows. If the undead is mindless, it can communicate simple concepts (such as positions, colors, directions). In addition, the undead gains the ability to loudly shriek as a standard action, producing a 30-foot cone that staggers creatures for 1 round on a failed saving throw (Fortitude negates), and must wait 1d4 rounds between uses. This is a pain and sonic effect. Each time this trade secret is selected, increase the cone’s size by 30 feet.

This ability replaces the knack gained at 6th level.

Scholar Knacks

The stitcher gains exclusive access to the following scholar knack:

Protected Techniques (requires scholar 10)

The stitcher gains Expanded Necromancy as a bonus talent and Strange Corpsecraft as a bonus feat. If she already possesses the Expanded Necromancy talent or the Strange Corpsecraft feat, she gains a bonus Death sphere talent for each she already possesses.

In addition, whenever the stitcher prepares a corpse and augments it with trade secrets, she may apply 1 additional trade secret.

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