Strange Magic

Strange Magic

Strange Magic is a series of systems by Interjection Games that focuses on providing fun, flavorful, and unique options for characters. From advanced musical compositions to drawing out the power of the ether or using exquisitely precise naming to command the universe, there's no shortage of fun options.

Individually, the parts of Strange Magic are smaller than some of the other systems on this site, so they've been collected on this page to help avoid clutter.

The Assassin

About: The Assassin is death on two legs, using potent techniques to reap the life from their foes. Through intense training, they can learn skills like acupressure, execution, infiltration, and magehunting to use against their targets.

Source: The Assassin: A Modular, Momentum Maneuvers Class

-The Assassin
-Assassin Techniques

-Assassin Feats


About: Cartomancy is a deck-building system for spellcasting where characters can cast from their current hand and draw new cards to replenish their abilities.

Source: Ultimate Cartomancy (Strange Magic 2)


-Cartomancy Feats

-Classic Portents
-Deathdealer Portents

-Poker Card Equivalence Table

Composition Magic

About: Composition Magic allows its users to create original melodies with a variety of powerful effects.

Source: Strange Magic 1

-Breakdancer (Agile Front-line Composer)
-Cantor (Divine Magic/Composition)
-Harmonicist (Single-target Composer)
-Maestro (Arcane Magic/Composition)

Composition Archetypes:
-Arranger (Cantor, Maestro)
-Songweaver (All Composition Classes)
-Starlet (Cantor, Maestro)
-Street Musician (Breakdancer, Harmonicist)
-Virtuoso (Cantor, Maestro)

-Composition Feats

-Intros and Outros


About: Ethermagic draws on the wild power of the universe. While its users can only draw upon so much power at once, they can also recharge their powers and get back into action faster than their foes would believe. Each base class offers a very different playstyle, from an adjustable magical blade to pure casting power.

Source: Strange Magic 1

A Brief Guide To Ethermagic

-Etherknight (Momentum/Ethermagic)
-Ethermagus (Melee Ethermagic)
-Ethermancer (Pure Ethermagic casting)
-Etherslinger (Ethermancer/Gunslinger Hybrid)

-Ethermagic Feats
-Ethermagic Items

Ethermagic Manifestations:
-Alteration Manifestations
-Bestow Manifestations
-Blast Manifestations
-Genesis Manifestations
-Voidmeld Manifestations
-Greater Manifestations (Optional)


About: Herbalism is a modular, druidic chaos magic system based around collecting and using ingredients.

Source: Ultimate Herbalism (Strange Magic 2)

-Gourmend (Cooking)
-Herbalist (General Herbalism)
-Naturalist (Companions)

-Herbalism Feats
-Gourmend/Herbalist Find Herbs Tables
-Naturalist Find Herbs Tables
-Biome Summary Tables (Track your resources)

-The Herb Log
-The Recipe Book

-Microcosms (Optional Ruleset)


About: Onmyodo magic mixes occult and druidic power to petition spirits for aid and activate magical talismans.

Source: Ultimate Onmyodo (Strange Magic 2)

-Onmyoji (Traditional Onmyodo Magic)
-Shikigami Ascendent (Shikigami Takes Over)
-Warrior Poet (Martial Onmyodo)

-Onmyodo Feats
-Shikigami Feats
-Friendship Feats


-Poetry Book

The Primordial Dancer

About: The Primordial Dancer draws on magic and movement alike to get where they're needed and do what needs to be done. They're particularly good at stringing combos together for potent (and useful) effects.

Source: The Primordial Dancer: Creation's Muse

-The Primordial Dancer
-Dances List

-Primordial Dancer Feats

The Reaper

About: The Reaper is an modular class that allows for an extreme variety of playstyles - and in particular, it's geared towards players who frequently want to play something different.

Source: The ReaperĶ¾ or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Just Play Everything: A Modular, All-in-One Build-Your-Own-Binder Chassis for Suffering Altaholics

-The Reaper
-Soulsown Talents


About: Runesmithing is a rare art that focuses on creating symbols that channel magic for specific purposes. These symbols come in two varieties - Equipment runes can be drawn onto gear for various effects, while Projection runes emit power in a particular way.

Source: Ultimate Runesmithing


-Runesmithing Feats

-Equipment Runes
-Projection Runes

The Triggerman

About: The Triggerman is a momentum-based gunslinger class that specializes in using, maintaining, and modifying their weapons.

Source: The Triggerman Momentum-Based Gunslinging


Triggerman Feats
Triggerman Techniques


About: It's said that everything in the universe has a true, perfect name - and truenamers have studied these names for power. By naming the way they want things to be, they can change reality itself.

Source: Strange Magic 1

-Scion of Discordia

Prestige Classes:
-Polycosmic Theurge (Ethermagic/Truenaming)
-Speaker of the Word (Divine Casting/Truenaming)
-Trueshaper (Master of the Far-Flung Spheres)
-Willshackler (Master of Command Words)
-Wordsworn Defender (Martial-focused Truenaming)

-Truemagic Feats
-Truenaming Items

Truemagic Codices:
-Codex of Heart and Mind
-Codex of Artifice
-Codex of Far-Flung Spheres
-Codex of the Realized Vision

Variant Multiclassing

About: Variant Multiclassing is a special system where characters can trade some of their feats known for powers from other classes. These VMC's follow the rules presented in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Pathfinder Unchained rulebook (which are also available for free on the official SRD).

Source: Strange Magic Unchained: Variant Multiclassing

Variant Multiclasses:
-Breakdancer VMC
-Cantor VMC
-Ethermagus VMC
-Ethermancer VMC
-Etherslinger VMC
-Harmonicist VMC
-Maestro VMC
-Scion of Discordia VMC
-Truenamer VMC

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