Strong Style Grappler

Strong style grapplers train in close combat techniques, using throws, grabs, and painful locks to debilitate and subdue their opponents.

Wrestling: The Strong Style Grappler may take the Wrestling sphere.

This modifies Bare Knuckles.

Strong Style Technique (Ex): At 1st level, a strong style grappler gains the following tension techniques:

1 Tension

  • Violent Miss: Whenever a strong style grappler attempts a grapple check and fails, she deals bludgeoning damage equal to her practitioner modifier as a free action. Any creature dealt damage by this tension technique takes a -2 penalty to their CMD against the next grapple check made by the strong style grappler as long as it is made before the end of her next turn.

2 Tension

  • Opportune Grapple: Whenever a strong style grappler makes an attack of opportunity, they may attempt a grapple check in place of an attack roll.

3 Tension

  • Body Blows: Whenever a strong style grappler uses a standard action to initiate or maintain a grapple, she may spend a swift action to make an additional attack with her unarmed strike with a -2 penalty (she can wait until the results of the attack roll before deciding to use this tension technique) once per turn. If she possesses the speed pummeling striker art, she may apply it to this ability.

This ability replaces the critical knuckle, perfect offensive, and rapid pummel tension techniques.

Painful Grapple (Ex): At 3rd level, whenever a strong style grappler successfully initiates or maintains a grapple, she deals 2 bludgeoning damage to the creature whom they grappled. At 6th level and every three levels afterwards, this damage increases by 1.

This ability replaces drill knuckle.

Complex Technique (Ex): At 7th level, a strong style grappler gains the following tension technique:

4 Tension

  • Strong Grapple: Whenever a strong style grappler uses a (slam) talent, she may apply an additional (slam) talent to the same successful grapple check as a free action. This ability replaces pummeling punisher.
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