Symbiomantic Spellweaver (Arcanist Archetype)

Symbiomantic Web (Su): At 1st level by spending one point from their arcane pool, the symbiomantic spellweaver can establish a link with a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier in close range. This creature becomes part of a mystical network between the veryx and the forces of magic. Once established, as long as the creature is within medium range, the symbiomantic spellweaver may activate its arcane exploits and spend arcane reservoir points on the creature as though it was the veryx itself. When spending arcane reservoir points on targets in the symbiomantic web, their next spell or psionic power regardless of class can benefit from an increase to caster or manifester level or a boost to power or spell DCs. At 3rd level and every odd level thereafter, the symbiomantic spellweaver can add another creature to its web. This ability replaces the arcane exploit gained at 1st level.

Symbiomantic Reach (Su): In addition to gaining an arcane exploit at 3rd level, the symbiomantic spellweaver gains the ability to spend an arcane reservoir point as a free action when casting a touch range spell, if they do so they may cast this spell on any member of their symbiomantic web who is within its range.

Symbiomantic Exchange (Su): At 5th level, the symbiomantic spellweaver can use its consume spells abilities to draw energy from willing members of the its symbiomantic web. This ability allows them to consume spells from any spell slot or prepared spell or psionic power points. This adds a number of points to the arcane reservoir of the symbiomantic spellweaver equal to the spell consumed or half the number of power points consumed. The symbiomantic spellweaver cannot gain more arcane reservoir points than half its level with a single use of this ability. Additionally, the symbiomantic spellweaver can imbue members of its symbiomantic web with magical force to their weapon attacks. For each arcane reservoir point they spend in this manner the member gains a +1 insight bonus to attacks and deals +1d4 damage of magical force for 1 round. A symbiomantic spellweaver can’t spend more than half its level in arcane reservoir points in this manner per round. This ability replaces the arcane exploit gained at 5th level.

Deep Web (Su): At 7th level the range of the symbiomantic web increases to long. The symbiomantic spellweaver can now designate each member of its web as a “donor” or “recipient” bond. Donor bonds may offer one spell or psionic power it knows to the symbiomantic spellweaver as an additional spell prepared. If this spell is a sorcerer/wizard spell the symbiomantic spellweaver uses the appropriate level spell slot to cast the spell. Otherwise the spell or power is cast using spell slots one slot higher than the donor character needs to use to create the spell. Psionic powers are manifest as though a total number of power points were spent on the power equal to twice spell lost used - 2. Recipient bonds can instead receive personal spells as though they were the biomantic spellweaver themselves.

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