Symbiotic Knight
Spheres of Power: Expanded Options
Symbiotic Armor (Su): At 1st level, A symbiotic knight forms a bond with an amorphous creature or another entity. This symbiote becomes a part of the creature, often taking the form of a growing plant, a stone hand, or another conscious mark when not in use. When summoned, the symbiote covers the creature and becomes a suit of armor. The symbiote can take on a light, medium or heavy form as desired. Forming symbiotic armor or changing the armor’s form requires the same action as summoning equipment (a move action, which improves through the quick summons class feature). A suit of symbiotic armor has a hardness of 10, and 10 hp per armorist level. If the symbiote is destroyed (such as through sunder maneuvers), it reverts to its dormant state and cannot be used unless repaired or until the symbiotic knight rests to regain spell points, at which time it regains all lost hit points.
Armor Type AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Armor Check Penalty
Light Armor +2 +6 0
Medium Armor +6 +3 -3
Heavy Armor +9 +0 -6

This armor gains enhancement bonuses as if it were a piece of bound equipment. However, unlike most pieces of bound equipment, a symbiotic knight may change what special qualities his symbiote possesses each time it is summoned, whenever it’s form is changed, or at any time with the same required action (move action, which improves through the quick summons class feature).

A symbiote counts as a piece of bound equipment for all purposes.

If the symbiotic knight gains the Improved Materials or Greater Materials arsenal tricks, he may grant his symbiot the benefits and hardness of those materials.

This replaces bound equipment.

Summon Equipment (Su): A symbiotic knight summons equipment by forming it out of the substance of his symbiote. As such, only the symbiotic knight can use his summoned equipment; in the hands of any other creatures, his summoned equipment is treated as nothing but a masterwork weapon.

This alters Summoned Equipment.

Symbiote Traits (Su): At 5th level and every 5 levels thereafter, the symbiotic knight’s symbiote gains one trait from the Alteration sphere, which it may bestow to the symbiotic knight. Treat the symbiotic knight’s armorist level as her caster level when meeting the prerequisites and determining the effects of a particular trait. Traits that cost an additional spell point to use (such as turning incorporeal), are only available as part of a form (such as the perfect maneuverability of an air elemental) cannot be gained in this fashion. If elemental resistance is chosen, the resistance is only against a single element, which must be chosen at the time this trait is gained. Elemental resistance can be gained multiple times, each time affecting a different element.

Once a trait has been chosen, it cannot be changed. So long as the symbiotic knight is using her symbiote as armor, her symbiote may grant her any trait or traits it possesses. Activating or dismissing any of these traits may be done as part of the action needed to summon, dismiss, or alter the special qualities of symbiotic armor.

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