Twisted Mind: A synapse gains the Mind and Warp spheres as bonus magic talents.

These replaces mental powers.

Synapse Psionics (Su): A synapse gains the following psionic abilities:

Teleporting Fury (Su): So long as this psionic effect is active, whenever the synapse uses the teleport ability from the Warp sphere, he flickers briefly between his starting and ending location. The synapse counts as being in both locations for the purpose of threatening squares, attacking targets, and providing flanking bonuses for allies. If the synapse teleports from one end of a creature to the other, he may even provide flanking bonuses to himself. If a creature attacks the synapse in either location, that creature suffers a 20% miss chance. These benefits persist until the start of the synapse’s next turn, at which time he must teleport again to receive these bonuses.

At 6th level, the miss chance increases to 50%, and the synapse may make one attack against an adjacent enemy as part of the action used to teleport. This attack may target an enemy at either the beginning or destination points of the teleport.

This replaces telekinetic manipulation and telekinetic edge.

Out of Sight, Into Mind (Su): At 16th level, the synapse may, as a full-round action, spend 1 round of his psionics in combination with using the teleport ability from the Warp sphere to transfer himself into a space currently occupied by another living creature.

The creature gets a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 synapse class level + Int modifier) to negate this effect. If the target succeeds at their saving throw, the synapse is returned to their original position and cannot target that creature with this ability for 24 hours. If the target fails their saving throw, the synape’s body and equipment are converted to mental energy occupying the target’s body, and the synapse gains control of the creature. The synapse keeps his Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, level, class, base attack bonus, base save bonuses, alignment, and mental abilities. The body retains its Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, hit points, natural abilities, and automatic abilities.

A body with extra limbs does not grant more attacks than normal. The synapse can’t choose to activate the body’s extraordinary or supernatural abilities. The creature’s spells and spell-like abilities do not stay with the body.

If the synapse ceases to maintain this psionic effect, they immediately shift out of the target to the nearest unoccupied square. If the target’s body is slain while occupied by the synapse, the synapse dies as well, their body immediately reforming in the nearest empty square.

This replaces the telekinetic colossus.

Lengthened Teleport: At 3rd level, the synapse increases his total teleport range by 10 ft. This improves by an additional 10 ft per 3 levels thereafter.

This replaces pushed movement.

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