Table Of Spirits

Wiki Note: This page provides a quick overview of Pact Magic's spirits, including their names, titles, alignments, constellations, and granted abilities. You can click the header for each table to jump right to the page containing that spirit. You can quickly search for spirits by alignment or constellation by using your browser's search function.

1st level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Achaelous: The Slumbering God CN Tree Reckless charge Athleticism, command rivers, misleading mist, partial transformation
Aza’zati: The Green Wyrmling LE Dragon Acid gout Curious edge, sniff gold, smaller is better, wyrmling’s skin
Cave Mother: Sorceress of Secrets N Mage Ghoulish fire Deceptive knack, gather provisions, read the signs, undead bane
Coralene: Sovereign of Silver CN Thief Unexpected slip Coralene’s command, master of subterfuge, silver sheen, trackless step
Dantalios: The Broken Athlete CN Seer Speed of Dantalios Fleet, great charge, mighty throw, wrestling mastery
Eos Dei: The Lonely Archon LG Angel Scramble time Crushing loneliness, hypnotic melody, song of stolen memories, time sense
Forash: Prince of Spirits LE Fiend Summon fiend Disappear, Forash’s lore, lion’s roar, unsettling presence
General Hessant: Patron of Lost Soldiers LE Noble Hessant’s punishment Courage of the general, dazing strike, empower longsword, iron gaze
Gwenolyn’s Ghost: The Haunting Lover NG Skull Spectral caress Ghost hand, lover’s charms, overwhelming loss, speak with the departed
Jacques Gaston: The Dazzling Duelist CN Starless Morituri te salutant Moment of greatness, crowd pleaser, psychological warfare, vestigial audience
Marat: Guardian of Shields LN Hero Defend the ward Armor training, bodyguard, Marat’s body, Marat’s precautions
Milo of Clyde: Detective of Despair LG Scholar Milo’s lucky break Deft fingers, lead slinger, Milo’s truthtelling, street savvy
Sevnoir: The Meandering Mastiff NE Beast Baying howl Blood hunt, effortless intimidation, feast on fear, shadow blur
Verbose: She with Endless Names NG Starless Surprise image All tongues, friend to all, punch line, nature sense
Vishgurv: Aberrant of Time Eternal LE Dark Beyond Slime slap Aquatic assimilation, arcane absolution, pact of servitude, thrall shape

2nd Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Al’kra The Operated CE Dark Beyond Paranoid chill Inspire terror, murder master, spatial bleeding, spatial leap
Hollow Eyes: The Living Scarecrow CE Fiend Melody of madness Gargoyle form, oversized grapple, steal skin, vile regeneration
Humble Ohbai: Servant of the Elements N Scholar Genie jaunt Elemental ascension, elemental tongue, genie steeds, sustenance
Imitreyes: The Dreamkeeper LE Mage Dream fog Aberrant lash, aberrant physique, compelling voice, mind scan
Lady Jarah: Mistress of Many Faces CN Thief Aura of distracting beauty Across all cultures, beauty without peer, rewrite self, story weaving
Lord Foxglove IV: Exchequer of the Stolen Purse NE Dragon Curse rivals Foxglove’s finesse, paralyze, mark of seduction, pockets of holding
Moy: The Uncaring Queen NE Noble Crushing presence Commanding doctrine, enthralling gaze, ritualistic knowledge, stunning perfection
Mute Sylvus: Sole Survivor NG Tree Strike true Fast reflexes, improvise weapon, keen senses, peerless archer
Pevwyrn Pevron: The Belied Apprentice N Starless Acidic bolt Alchemical infusion, classically schooled, miraculous transmutation, shield from fire
Prince Oszen: Heir to the Empty Well CN Skull Ray of regret Architectural knowledge, blood of the moon, falsified life, summon inheritance
Salendrios: The Tainted Cleanser N Seer Spell reflection Domains of Salendrios, eye of destruction, reveal faith, weapon of penance
Shelassik: The Sea Devil’s Grin LE Beast Blood frenzy Adjust locomotion, aquatic weapon proficiency, shark speaker, sea devil’s grin
Taios: The Wyrmkin CN Starless Taios surge Adaptation of Taios, arms of Taios, frehmin wisdom, terrain mastery
Tyrant Cromwell: The Black Knight CE Hero Vestigial might Indiscernible alignment, phantom armor, savage attacks, weapon familiarity
Ubro: The Blind Hospitaler NG Angel Healing surge Check up, heal aches, healer’s hands, sand skin

3rd Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Cornelius Button: Gardener of Dreams N (Varies - NG or NE) Tree Pollen spray Aura of calm, duality of Cornelius, insect tattoo, seedling bomb
The Crystal Lady: Truth of the Earth N Noble Second sight Curse of crystal, destiny dissonance, hypnotic pattern, produce light
Forty-Two: The Sentient Machine LN Mage Secret of unmaking Advanced computing, override construct, revise vessel, superior intelligence
Ghato’Kacha: The Gentle Fiend CG Hero Karmic strike Detect fiends, fortitude of infinite love, gentle kiss, maul of the titans
Iona Ophid: The Rainbow Serpent LG Dragon Rainbow veil Arcane scent, Iona’s gift, reptilian affinity, serpent skin
Kaiya: Avatar of Grace LG Angel Abjure missile Detect evil, grace of the martyred, graceful pose, graceful tongue
Muse Istago: Painter of Paradox NG Seer Paint reality Dreams of the muse, keen eye, mirrored eyes, perfect attributes
N’aylia: The First Vampire CE Skull Vampiric touch Mesmerize, monstrous bat form, one with the night, shadow bite
The Nivea Nieces (Mariath): Venomous Vixens NE Beast Mind muddling Poison use, sow hallucination, snake bite, venomous guile
The Nivea Nieces (Taydie): Venomous Vixens NE Beast Venomous whispers Bite of the wolf spider, poison use, thorn skin, venomous guile
Obba, Ella, Atasha: The Dark Sisters Three N (Varies - LN, CG, or CE) Thief Hold tongue Blinding beauty, love spell, serpent’s decree, temptation
Sybee Rose: Demon’s Flame CN Starless Fireball False death, hexes of Sbybee, sweet talk, protection from fire
Tommy Greensprout: Immortal Rapscallion CN Starless Age swipe Childhood daring, forever young, Greensprout’s tricks, soaring spirits
Vandrae: Drowess Poisontouch CE Dark Beyond Sleep toxin Counterspelling, dark mantle, guile of Vandrae, sneak attack
Xalen d’Marek: Archivist of Fell Secrets N Scholar Shrink Enhance vessel’s mind, forbidden lore, locate writings, thirst for knowledge
Xasa Culthic: The Resonant Mind NE Fiend Sonic bolt Control sound, deceptive aura, shield of one thousand mirrors, touch sight

4th Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Anajira: Prideless King NE Starless Skirmisher’s pounce Dark magic, flurry, form of the pantheress, grace
Catha of Codex: Sleuth of True Names LN Scholar Call by name Lore of languages, lore of words, repulse by name, wordcasting
Ethaniel Midnight: The Inquisitive Torturer LE Fiend Wrecking pain Crystallize pain, false alignment, instant manacles, master of torture
Fey Baraddu: The Beast in the Woods CG Tree Beast shape Awesome blow, Baraddu’s fangs, wild empathy, woodland stride
Gulguthriana: The Glutton CN Noble Gulguthriana’s greedy grasp Gallowing gag, gargantuan Gulguthriana, gluttonous grapple, gluttonous gullet
Hexus: The Living Curse NE Skull Possess animal Agitate animal, bestow curse, rebuke undead, undying
Jehotek: The Throne of Heaven LG Angel Fire from the heavens Blessings of Jehotek, flock of Jehotek, prayer to Jehotek, rebuke heresy
Kami Onmyoji: Guardian of Pacts LN Starless Repulsion Diviner, guardian of pacts, repair the ward, warded
Kandisha: The Desert’s Revenge N Seer Curse of Kandisha Avian speech, protection of Kandisha, sand cloud, scimitar of the desert
Loh’Moi: The Mad Geometer NG Mage Transdimensional ray Bend to freedom, extra space, geometric agility, geometric step
Night Fang: The Hag’s Son NE Beast Hypnotic vibrations Bat heritage, crocodile heritage, spider heritage, wolf heritage
Prime Ravager: Leader of the Storm CE Dark Beyond Stem the supernatural Duck for cover, mental acuity, nevermore, occult eyes
Son of Dobb: The Twice-Blessed Man CG Thief Stone step, twice-blessed Detect insectoid creatures, interpretation, knack for artifacts
Swan Elashni: Dancer of Spurned Love NG Dragon Heartfelt haze Aura of love’s embrace, dance of the swan, dancer’s grace, step of the silver dragon
Vaukner: Champion of Valor LG Hero Righteous strike Aura of courage, intense intimidation, valorous presence, Vaukner’s axe

5th Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Arthu: The Sleeping King N Hero Skill at arms King’s dancing blade, royal pleasantries, supernatural inspiration, whisperwind
Beautiful Balr: The Son Forever Set NG Noble Spurn harm Challenge coward, distracting beauty, inspiring beauty, peerless beauty
Circe’s Runes: Refuge of Pacts CG Scholar Séance of Circe Arcane audacity, Circe’s temper, Circe’s foresight, rune of Circe
Dark Blood: The Rakshasa Prince LE Fiend Thirst for blood Disguise granted abilities, rakshasa’s rage, read mind, silver tongue
Green Glomairah: The World Tree NG Tree Ward against harm Green steward, nature’s health, speak with plants, tree stride
Loathix: Lord of Linnorms CE Dragon Tornado breath Death curse, father’s form, knockback breath, master of the storm
Mishpo: The Rightful Kobold CN Thief Freedom from confinement Con artist, master of deception, trap knack, wink-wink
Noble Marius: Psychic Vampire NG Skull Mind-leeching kiss Noble guise, read psychic residue, telekinesis, vampire’s embrace
Omlan Atlan: Father Soul Weaver N Mage Doppelspell Blessing of Omlan, fabrication, lore of Omlan, occult reformation
Pavatu: Child of the Wind CN Seer Rebuking gale Leap with the wind, gale form, tongue of the wind, vanishing breeze
Rattenkönig: The Seething Swarm NE Starless Body of Rattenkönig Disgustingly tolerant, fusion, rat senses, Rattenkönig tactics
Tentacles of Dagon: Lord of Sea Fiends CE Dark Beyond Delay harm Body of Dagon, child of the deeps, Dagon knows, whispers of Dagon
Teu and Lae: Clash of Paradox LG Angel Eternal chase Agathion blessings, bind paradox, celestial pounce, truespeech
Triteia: The Little Triton NG Starless Sonic note Part of my world, sea god’s daughter, trumpet of the sea, voice of the sea
Vodavox: The Hive Mind LE Beast Phrenic blast Aberrant mind, enhance body, insectoid body, mind link

6th Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Alrik of Malkeborne: Albino Prince of Chaos CE Fiend Ruinous strike Aura of disaster, chaos blade, effortless armor, torturer’s lore
Damian Darkstar: Prisoner of the Void N Dark Beyond Breathless wake One with the dark beyond, reverse gravity, starflight, weightless zone
Death Howls: Knights of the Ghostlands CN Beast Ghost strike Ether sight, etheric step, untouched by cold, wisdom of the elders
Demos Kalagos: Sworn Enemy of Time CN Thief Time trick Borrow time, magic tricks, create trap, resist space and time
Everrona: Goddess of the Earth NG Tree Drain experience Childhood form, cycle of growth, entombment, second childhood
Giza Sekhemet: The Avatar of War N Starless Sekhemet’s roar Avatar of war, body of Giza, desert dweller, drilled soldier
Hi’Ryia: The Eternal Keeper LG Starless Flow of life Guide the cycle, lesser flow of life, life blood, unity in all things
Jayna Warlock: Traveler of Worlds CG Scholar Jayna’s wish Aspect of seven, song of elemental fury, song of rising barriers, song of waning elements
Loresir Claw: The Headless Dragon CE Dragon Eyes of flame Burble; jaws that bite, claws that catch; planar acclimation, whiffling
Ma’Zad: Lovers in Battle NG Skull Thrown to the wind Battlefield reflexes, ice skean, lover by nightfall, preemptive strike
Aza’Mi: Lovers in Battle NG Skull Storm of spears Battlefield reflexes, lover by nightfall, luna toxin, wreathed in black roses
Merickel: Hero of False Destiny CG Hero Steal destiny Banishment, freedom of movement, hero’s tools, Merickel’s greatsword
Minezon: The Untouchable CE Mage Untouchable tenacity Blood pool, consume blood, detect vitality, stirge’s sting
Primordial Titans: Martyrs of the Betrayed CG Noble Primordial shout Armor proficiency, blade barrier, titan’s lore, titan’s grasp
Rasputin: The Bleeding Ringmaster NE Seer Freakish touch Bilocation, cloak trick, master of the ring, whip mastery
Serapith: The Scouring Light N Angel Scouring light Angel’s wings, Serapith’s protection, smite enemy, wrath of daylight

7th Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Bercilak Hautdesert: The Green Knight CG Starless Buffoonery Devoted, regenerate, sacred submission, unbreakable body
The Crow: Prince of Just Shadows NG Thief Shape shadow Dark wings, dual wield, shadow image, shadow fortitude
Dead Kings: Echoes of Grandeur LE Noble Unleash forbidden secrets Command of the king, king’s palace, lore of dead kings, incarcerate
The Elysium Choir: Innocence Slain NG Angel Tranquil peace of Elysium Celestial performer, life’s grace, pursuit of peace, shattering chorus
Inexorus: Prime Inevitable LN Starless Wounding strike Axiomatic, detect chaos, multiarmed, prime objective
Jörmungandr: He Who Encircles the World NE Tree Equalize Eternal cycle, resistances of the great serpent, poison the sky, stir the ocean
Lord Saruga: Soul Eater CE Dragon Summon horde Devour mind, inspire fanaticism, lizardfolk toughness, Saruga’s curse
Mare Loviatha: Ice Queen NE Mage Wrath of the ice queen Burden of guilt, dark horn, mare’s whispers, mounted prowess
Musha’Vadu: The Shadow-Bones Emperor CE Skull Shadow storm Shadow conjuration, shadow walk, siphon age, umbral sight
Portenta: Seer of the Orphic Eye N Seer Fuse flesh Dream of destiny, orphic foresight, spirit step, true sight
Quicksilver: Warrior of the Wastes CN Hero Combat burst Desert mastery, desert skin, quick step, weaponsmithing
Silent Step: The Limbless Monk LN Scholar Icicle lance Hoary fists, ice storm, throat strike, vow of silence
Wendigo: The Ever-Hungry NE Beast Wendigo’s walk Consume mana, gnawing the bone, iron stomach, maw of consumption
Witch Yaba: Queen of Witches CE Fiend Unhinge the spirit Dancing hunt of Witch Yaba, hexes of the witch queen, mislead, witch senses
Yith’anu: The Body Snatched LG Dark Beyond Mind freeze Gregarious, mind wipe, mind swap, telepathy

8th Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Ahnel Soltanis: The Astral Seeker N Seer Astral backlash Ahnel’s opening, astral voyage, keeper of portals
Doomed Salu’im: The Army at Time’s Horizon NE Noble Temporal banishment Body of eyes, orb of the end-times, poetic justice, time vision
Essek Avix: The Twins Rejoined N Dragon Split the twins Ferocious display, intimidating, titanic growth, unwilling shield
Evening Star: Bloody Mist of the Hills CE Dark Beyond Wilting mist Mist body, horror from beyond, troll shape, ventriloquism
Goliath: The Infernal Forge LE Beast Chains of Hell Excruciating pain, Goliath’s mettle, kyton’s chains, steelskin of Goliath
Hou-ou: Blessed Bird of the Sun NG Starless Wreath of flames Flesh kindling, healing embers, lore of ages, reborn from the ashes
Mana: Observer of Lost Magic LN Mage Magic ray Aberrant sight, antimagic ray, break magic, stunning gaze, reborn from the ashes
Mother Medusa: She of Snakes and Stone LE Starless Mane of coils Aura of vanity, gaze of Medusa, horrific form, shun curses
Overmind: Seneschal of Far Travels LN Scholar Temporal leap All-knowing, Overmind’s eye, Overmind’s foresight, regulate movement
Rajah Amajaloma: Devourer of Souls LE Fiend Annihilation ray Apocalyptic immunity, aura of blight, no escape, unseen by gods and men
Roshar: The Burning Prophet LG Angel Aura of immolation Channel the sun, mend the broken, sprigs to snakes, pilgrim’s skills
Ryoku Ria: Truculent Transmogrifier NG Hero Declaw Aura of aspects, pack shape, Ryoku’s revamp, ultimate transmogrification
Septigenius Maximus: Immortal God-King CG Skull Gaze of transmutation Antidote, kingly precautions, mummify, soothing caress
Solterra: Grandmother Earth NG Tree Grandmother’s banishment Aura of revealing, create life, grandmother’s kiss, prune the unnatural
Young Krios: Author of Sedition CG Thief Shrink head Fate’s whisper, off with their head, noble tongue, undetectable presence

9th Level Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Alabaster: Timeless Tester NE Scholar Command time Alabaster’s brilliance, dimensional portals, mortality override, reality override
Aladdar: The Unhindered CN Thief Aladdar’s disjunction Cageless step, everlasting freedom, hide among the blind, ready to run
Ashvattha: The Stem of Life NG Tree Baleful teleport Animate trees, gift of magic, treespeech, tremorsense
The Beast that Births: Matron of Monsters NE Beast Birth horrors Blood drinker, child of the beast, howl of death, spirit birth
Brother Calvis: The Undying Monk LN Angel Negate death Erase from reality, glimpses of the future, hasted movement, veiled mind
Daeminthos: Crystal Eye of the Mind NE Mage Crystal shard Hold monster, psychic foresight, psychic sense, telepathy
Dama: The Molded Man N Starless Supreme flexibility Clay body, earthen endurance, remold, skilled
Eschalon: Son of the Blackened Sky CE Skull Apocalypse from the sky Afterlife denied, aura of desecration, press into servitude, sow misery
Kaylos: Master of Wishes LE Seer Gate of incineration Genie lore, sinful desire, twisted wish, usher oblivion
King Mutaros: Vengeance Unfulfilled LN Noble Sparks of anger Heartbreak, fumes of fury, roar of the king, unstoppable vengeance
Malebolge Moors: 13 Traitors of Hell LE Fiend Power word torment Hellfire flensing, infernal aspect, infernal immunity, magical expiration
Prometheus: Man’s First Flame LG Dragon Breath of the First Flame Child of Prometheus, debt of the First Flame, draconic reservoir, dragon’s ember
Saint Alexandra: She by Three LG Starless Imbue with occult power Harmonize spirits, occult blessings, occult concordance, reliable pact
Tartarus: The Hungering Void NE Dark Beyond Damnation Hungry pit, lore of the dead, wail of the banshee, wall of suppression
The Worglord: First Among Heroes CG Hero Stuff of legends Crush windpipe, defy destiny, my will be done, sculpted physique

Ravager Spirits

Spirit Name & Title Alignment Constellation Major Granted Ability Minor Granted Abilities
Ravager Spirits: Desperate Lost Souls CE Starless Soul Tear Detect ravager spirits, evasive maneuvers, frenzy, ravager-bound
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