A techsmith has little interest in magic, instead focusing on the mysteries of mechanical engineering.

Insights: A techsmith can select a technical insight (as a technician) in place of a smithing insight. The techsmith must meet the prerequisites of the technical insight, and cannot select a technical insight that requires prerequisite technician levels unless those levels are gained from another source.

Trapfinding: At 3rd level, a techsmith adds 1/2 his level on Perception checks to locate traps and on all Disable Device checks (minimum +1). The techsmith can use Disable Device to disarm magic traps.

This replaces the Craft Wondrous Item feat gained at 3rd level.

Technical Maintenance: At 5th level, the techsmith can perform the following maintenance:

  • Technical Improvement: The techsmith gives one technical improvement from the technician’s invention list to one piece of the ally’s worn equipment. The techsmith must choose from those improvements that he meets the prerequisites for. These improvements are custom tailored to the ally in question, and provide the listed penalties to anyone other than the person they were designed for. These improvements cease to function if the maintenance is not maintained each day. This maintenance can be given to the same ally multiple times through the Rapid Maintenance class feature, selecting a different improvement and even possibly a different piece of equipment per maintenance.

This replaces the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat gained at 5th level.

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