Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos - Pathfinder


CR 16; XP 76,800
CN Outer God of corrosion, revelation, and truth
Primary Source H. P. Lovecraft, “The Festival”


Domains Chaos, Fire, Knowledge, Sun
Subdomains Ash, Entropy, Light, Thought
Favored Weapon kukri
Symbol pillar of green fire
Temple abandoned neighborhoods, natural rock formations, standing stones
Worshipers arsonists, diviners, prophets, seers
Servitors byakhee

Influence (DC 24)

Area 300-foot radius; Nucleus 5-foot radius 50-foot tall pillar
AC 31; Saves +19; hp 240
Effects corrosion, flame gout, immunities, truth revealed


Combat Tulzscha can be defeated by damage.

Influence Effects

Corrosion Any object that is exposed to Tulzscha’s nucleus (such as any weapon used to attack the nucleus) takes 5d6 points of damage. This damage is not halved against objects, and only half an object’s hardness applies.

Flame Gout Any creature that damages Tulzscha causes a reactionary gout of flame to lash out at it, inflicting 10d6 points of damage (Reflex half). At the start of each round, all non-worshipers and non-minions of Tulzscha within 60 feet of the nucleus are targeted by a gout of flame as well, taking 10d6 points of damage (Reflex half). The first three times in a round in which one of Tulzscha’s minions is attacked, it lashes out with a flame gout at the attacker for 10d6 points of damage (Reflex half). Finally, at the end of any round, Tulzscha’s flame lashes out at a single non-worshiper target within 60 feet. The target of this final attack in the round takes 20d6 points of damage (Reflex half). This damage is half fire damage, half untyped damage from raw eldritch power.

Immunities Tulzscha is unharmed by all physical weapon attacks, acid damage, electricity damage, and sonic damage.

Truth Revealed All creatures within the area of influence gain true seeing and take a –4 penalty on all saving throws against confusion and insanity effects. Living creatures in the area of influence appear to be rotting and decaying, and all Disguise checks automatically fail. Intentionally hidden objects reflect this light especially strongly, such as secret doors, partially buried treasure, obscured pits, and concealed weapons.

This little-understood being normally dwells near Azathoth at the center of eternity, forever burning and casting its sickly green light over the horrors there. Its avatar can be readily summoned by cultists who wish to bask in its effects. When it is called to a world, what is sometimes termed “Tulzscha’s Finger” emerges from the center of the planet, erupting as a tall column of green fire. The fire of Tulzscha has an endless variety of shapes—some alluring, most dreadful—that reflect the visions and sights of the True Tulzscha, which remains forever at the court of Azathoth.

Since Tulzscha is not only a fire, but also a reflection of the real entity at the center of the universe, it is extremely difficult to harm. Physical weapons cannot affect it. If the concavity from which it is emitted is blocked, it will burst forth anew somewhere near (as would any gushing geyser of gas or liquid). Magic of the proper types can affect and hinder it. Fortunately, the worst effects of Tulzscha’s presence can be avoided by simply running away, as it cannot pursue.

Truth in the Fire

The light of Tulzscha corrodes metal; rots manufactured objects; and causes living things to appear as if they have festered and aged. It also gives viewers visions of other realms and other times when they peer deep into the flames.

Creatures everywhere know the attractions of peering into the ever-changing forms of a fire — Tulzscha’s effect is similar, only a thousand times stronger and more illuminating. Spells can be learned, hideous cosmic truths learned, and paths revealed. Tulzscha, like Azathoth itself, is coterminous with all reality, and its light signifies this.

Tulzscha also reveals the reality of the world as seen through the mind of a creature that feeds upon death and corruption. In its light, living creatures look dead and rotting, and it also uncovers hidden objects, passageways, and those who are in disguise. This is highly useful to cultists who may fear infiltration: under Tulzscha’s light, all such interlopers are immediately exposed.

Tulzscha in Combat

Though Tulzscha casts light, it sheds no heat, but, in Lovecraft’s words, “only the clamminess of death and corruption.” Even so, its flame can corrode, blacken, and destroy like a mortal fire. Tulzscha can send forth streams of green flame to attack those who would attempt to stop its servants or simply as an act of malice.

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