Ultimate War
Ultimate War

This page provides alternate rules for use with the standard mass combat rules and also offers the unique Combined Arms modular army-building system that can be substituted in place of the standard rules. The rules for constructing armies are described here, and throughout Ultimate War rules are presented in parallel wherever special rules apply differently for the Combined Arms rules versus the standard army rules and kingdom-building rules presented in Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Campaign (and also freely available online on the Pathfinder Reference Document and d20pfsrd.com) and expanded in Ultimate Battle and Ultimate Rulership from Legendary Games. Any rules reference in this product to the normal rules or standard rules for mass combat and armies refers to the rules presented in those products. Rules in Ultimate Battle are noted with the superscriptUB and those in Ultimate Rulership with the superscriptUR.

Melee Value, Ranged Value, and Casualties

The published mass combat rules use only a single factor to account for an army’s offensive capabilities, Offense Modifier (OM). The more detailed Combined Arms rules in this product subdivide this characteristic into two scores: Melee Value (MV) to represent close combat in melee and Ranged Value (RV) to represent missile and magical attacks that allow an army to attack at range. The rules in this product are presented for both these modular rules and the simpler published army rules. If a rule states a modifier that applies only to MV or RV, you can instead apply that bonus to the OM of an army using the standard rules. If the MV and RV values are different, use the higher of the two values.

Similarly, the published rules use hit points to track the relative health of an army, while the modular unit rules contained in this product use the term Casualties, which can individually and separately damage the smaller divisions or subunits within a larger unit or army, gradually decreasing its fighting efficiency. If you are using the standard published rules, any reference in this product to Casualties deals an equivalent number of hit points of damage to a standard army unless specifically stated otherwise.

Leadership Bonus

A commander’s base Leadership Bonus (LB) is equal to +1 for every 5 ranks of Profession (soldier), with the caveat that soldiers recognize and respect experience and reputation as much as or more than academic knowledge of the battlefield. As a result, ranks of Profession (soldier) obtained through magical means, such as a headband of vast intellect, provide only half the normal LB. In addition, a commander’s LB is increased by 1 for each of the following: base attack bonus +6, base attack bonus +11, base attack bonus +16, Charisma modifier +3 or greater, Wisdom modifier +3 or greater, Leadership, or Skill Focus (Profession (soldier)). Ability modifiers that are magically enhanced provide this increase only if that bonus is permanent, such as through a magical headband. A commander’s Leadership Bonus for specialized forms of warfare, such as naval combat or siege warfare, may be determined by a skill other than Profession (soldier), and is described in the relevant sections below.

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