Unifier (Oracle Archetype)

The House of Prominence very quickly came to sense the Eternal power of Union in the semoxa bond, and began to study it training those semoxa who were willing. In time a unique tradition of mystics was formed, semoxa that could join their divine energies with those of mystics of other source origins. Together they could achieve effects neither could a hope to attain separately.

Infuse (Su): At 1st level the unifier chooses one source group from the following: arcane, entropic, incarnate, mental, or temporal. The unifier can join their divine energies to the spells and powers of the selected source group allowing them to pay the metamagic costs of spell enhancement with their own spell energy instead of their ally’s. This ability may not exceed the maximum spell level or effective power level an ally is capable of casting or manifesting. When infusing Psionic powers treat them as though spells equal to half the power points used to manifest and augment them rounded down. This ability replaces the 1st level revelation and mystery class feature.

Future revelations must be selected from the following:

  • Ascended Infusion (Su): The unifier can exceed the level limits of a caster’s magical or psionic abilities by one spell level. This allows the unifier to use infuse on the maximum spell or power an ally could manifest. This ability can only be used one time per day plus an additional time per four unifier levels. This ability can be selected multiple times but no more than every seven levels. Each time it is selected after the first it raises the limit of maximum spell effect equivalency that can be infused.
  • Conversion Bridge (Su): The unifier can join to allied adjacent non-divine casters with different source origins to one another allowing either to pay infuse costs for the other without drawing on the unifier’s own power. This fact draws upon the ambient internal energies of union and grants the receiving allies spell or power a +1 circumstance bonus to caster level and DC. The unifier must have the expanded source revelation or be 11th level to select this revelation.
  • Distant Union (Su): The unifier can use infuse and other revelations on an ally in close range instead of being adjacent. The unifier can do this 3 times per day plus their Charisma modifier.
  • Echoed Power (Su): When adjacent to an ally who has just manifested a spell or power within the previous round the unifier may use a spell slot of the same or greater level to cast or manifest that ability again. The source is still considered to be divine for the unifier’s copy of the spell or power. The unifier may use this ability once per day and one additional time for every four unifier levels.
  • Expanded Source (Su): The unifier can select an additional source group to use their infuse power on. This revelation can be selected more than one time, each time selecting a new source group to infuse.
  • Expanded Metamagic (Su): The unifier may select two metamagic feats they do not currently have access to. They gain access to these feats but only for purposes of their infuse ability. They may use these feats as prerequisites for other feats they take. This ability may be selected more than one time each time granting access to two metamagic feats the oracle does not possess.
  • Falling Symmetry (Su): Once per day as a move action the unifier can cause a foe to become weaker relative to an ally. The unifier selects one foe and one ally within close range. The foe makes a will save versus of 10 + 1/2 the unifier’s level + Charisma modifier. If the foe fails and the ally has less hit dice the foe gains one negative level per four unifier levels up to the total difference in their hit dice or the oracle’s current limit whichever is less. Negative levels inflicted by this ability fade at a rate of 1 per minute. This ability can be used an additional time per day at 13th and 19th level. The unifier must be 7th level to select this revelation.
  • Metamagic Specialist (Su): The unifier may select one metamagic feat that they possess. When using that feat in conjunction with their infuse ability they may reduce the spell slot cost by one level to a minimum of one. This ability has no effect on the unifier’s own spells. The unifier may select this ability more than once each time selecting a another metamagic feat they have access to.
  • Rising Symmetry (Su): As a move action the unifier can cause an ally to become stronger relative to a foe. The unifier selects one foe and one ally within close range. The ally gains a +1 luck bonus to attack and saving throws in a +5 temporary hit points for every hit die they are lower than the foe to one time plus once for every four unifier levels after first. If the foe is lower hit die than the ally than this ability is wasted. This ability can be used for 1 round per unifier level per day but need those rounds do not need to used at the same time. Ending this ability is a free action.
  • Rupture Energy (Su): The unifier can unleash the raw cosmic power of their friends source origins. When standing next to an allied spellcaster the unifier can spend a standard action to unleash positive or negative energy from the spiritual conduits of their ally. Their ally must be willing and may choose a spell slot or PowerPoint amount to sacrifice. A burst of energy resembling that of the channel energy ability is unleashed dealing 1d6 of Channel Energy effect per level of the sacrificed spell or per two power points sacrificed. The unifier chooses positive or negative energy when selecting this ability.

Additional Source (Su): The 10th level the unifier can select an additional source group to use their infuse power on.

Moment of Perfect Union (Su): At 20th level the unifier can as a standard action while adjacent to two allies capable of being targeted by their infuse ability trigger a spell to be cast by each ally while casting that one oracle spell of their own. All of these spells resolve with a +2 to caster level and DC and use the highest caster level present between the unifier and the two allies.

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