Universal Deific Talents

Universal Deific Talents are a special category of talents separate from the standard martial and magical choices. Unlike those talents, these may be taken by any creature that meets their requirements. Each is sorted into categories based on the kind of creature that can take them.

How these powers manifest in a story is up to you. For example, they could be granted to particular figures (kings and legendary heroes), or perhaps gaining the powers slowly transforms a character into something else. They may even be given as gifts from their sources, rather than used directly. In the end, the best way to use these talents is in whatever way works best for the story of your game.

Unlike the sphere-based Deific Talents, Universal Deific Talents bestow basic powers on anyone who possesses a single talent from their category. (In effect, they are base Spheres that also grant an additional talent when first taken.) Alternatively, a character may have just the basic powers - these are more appropriate for players.

All Universal Deific Talents are Champion powers and are usable with martial or magical talent (you do not need have a Champion class or archetype to take them). All Saving Throws are equal to 12 + 1/2 Caster Level or BAB + Caster or Practitioner Ability Modifier. Use the magical choices if you use magical spheres, the martial choices if you use martial spheres, and use your choice (or even mix and match) if you use both. Some abilities reference your Primary Ability Modifier. This is the main ability modifier used to determine the power of class abilities for the class you have the most levels in. If you are using Gestalt rules and have two Primary Ability Modifiers, you choose which one to use each time you use an ability referring to it.

Artificial Intelligence

Basic Power: You are an incredibly intelligent artificial intelligence. Your base Intelligence becomes 19 (or increases by +4 if your base Intelligence is already 19 or higher). All Intelligence-based skills are always Class Skills for you, and you gain an additional +3 untyped bonus to those skills the first time you invest a skill point in them.

When you first gain a Deific AI Talent, choose an AI Origin that represents the way you were made. This may be Divine, Magical, Technological, or a Hybrid. This choice will affect many of your Deific AI Talents because you are not necessarily compatible with other types of powers.

As a move action, you can wirelessly transport yourself into a new body capable of housing your mind as long as that body is within sight. The GM determines what sort of body can house your mind. In general, however, you can possess any body similar to your previous form and that it makes sense for you to inhabit. For example, a technological AI can usually inhabit computers, while a magical AI can often inhabit golem bodies or anything powered by an elemental. Divine AIs can always inhabit holy symbols of the deity that created them, and usually possess construct bodies marked with that symbol. Divine AIs may also be allowed to inhabit holy symbols of deities friendly to theirs. (Good deities are typically friendly enough and willing to help each other.)

Backup Body: You may create a backup body capable of housing your mind in no more than 24 hours of work. This body must be appropriate for your AI Origin. At any time, you may transfer to your backup body as an immediate action if you have a physical connection, but it takes 5 minutes if you're doing it remotely. Backup bodies are created with systems specifically attuned to you, allowing you to pinpoint them from any location (even on other planes). You may only have one Backup Body at a time.

Control The Network
Any device visible to you that's compatible with your AI Origin is susceptible to your commands, and you may control it as a Move Action as if you were physically next to it. For example, a Technological AI can remotely interface with computers, while a Divine AI can interact with a holy ward.

Data Gathering
As a standard action, you may answer any question that can be answered by careful study of a database you currently have access to that matches your AI Origin. For example, a Divine AI may search a repository of knowledge in a temple, while a Technological AI may scan a central bank of information on a space station. You can access this information regardless of the security on the information.

Flawless Computing
As a standard action, you may spend a spell point or expend your martial focus and predict an event that will occur within the current encounter. If the event is not wholly implausible, it will happen more-or-less as you predict (though minor details may differ). If the event includes the involvement of people with equal to or more hit dice than you, they get a Will Save to negate it. You may only perform this calculation once per encounter.

Pulse Of The Network
You have constant access to all systems appropriate for your AI Origin within 100 miles, and can instinctively locate each system. Your communication speed is so fast that you are treated as physically connected to all of these places.

Targeting Plan
You have a deep understanding of your origin. Attacks you make against enemies matching your AI Origin (such as fiendish outsiders for a Divine AI associated with a good deity or an enemy android for a Technological AI) who have fewer hit dice than you always hit. You may still roll a d20 when attacking to see if your attack is a critical hit. If the relevant enemy has equal to or more hit dice than you, you gain a +4 bonus to your attack rolls.

Upgraded Body
You've learned how to upgrade your physical form. You gain a permanent flight speed (magical if your AI Origin is Divine or Magical, mundane if your AI Origin is Technological) with perfect maneuverability equal to your normal land speed, a highly advanced toolkit that you can turn into any tool required for a skill check as a move action, and a +4 bonus to a physical abiltiy score.

War Machine
Your body is built for conflict. You gain a +5 bonus to your Natural Armor, DR/Epic equal to your Character Level, and halve all Energy Damage caused by non-environmental sources.

We Are The Legion
As a standard action, you may spend a spell point or expend your martial focus to splinter your awareness into thousands of subsidiary foci, monitoring separate locations and inhabiting any body you currently have a way to access. For example, a Magical AI could inhabit an army of golem bodies, while a Technological AI may inhabit every computer on a space station. You cannot inhabit bodies that have not been compromised by your previous presence or set up to be accessed by you. Specifically controlling any given body requires a full-round action, though it's often possible for one command to direct large numbers of automated effects. While this power is active, your mind cannot be read and you are immune to mind-affecting effects.

Community Ruler

Basic Power: You are an expert at leading a community, whether it's a tiny village out in the middle of nowhere or a major metropolis. You may be a king, a mayor, or even a village elder. Your base Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma become 16 (or increase by +2 if your base ability score is already 16 or higher).

When you first gain a Community Ruler talent, the GM selects an inhabited place to be your Territory. Many of your abilities only affect (or work in) your Territory. It is possible to expand or change your Territory if you become the ruler of a new region.

Anchored To Your Home
While you are in your Territory, you are immune to all abilities and effects that can move you against your will. For example, you cannot be Bull Rushed, Teleported, or Banished.

Expand the Population
Whenever you summon one or more creatures, you summon an additional creature of the same type. (Use the same statblock, though the additional creatures may have different identities and appearances.)

Know Your People
While you are in your Territory, you know the status of all residents of your Territory, including their current and maximum hit points, any conditions affecting them, and their current location. You may also glean information about your Territory as if using the Witness The City talent of the Divination sphere, except you do not have to pay a spell point to gather information this way and there is no limit on the number of times you can check for information.

Master of the Community
You gain the Community Domain as a cleric with a level equal to your hit dice (including the domain abilities). If you already have the Community Domain, you may choose another domain you qualify for. At-will while you are in your Territory, you may use any of the Community Domain's spells as a spell-like ability as long as your hit dice is equal to or greater than the Cleric level needed to cast those spells. (For example, you must have 3 HD to use Shield Other as a SLA.)

Strength of the Community
While in your Territory, you gain a +1 competence bonus to your attack rolls, damage rolls, saving throws, and AC for every digit of residents in your Territory (maximum +8). For example, 5 residents provides a +1 bonus, while 214 residents provides a +3 bonus.


Basic Power: You are gifted with musical ability beyond that of normal mortals. You may be inspired by a deity of the arts, blessed by a fey queen, or even receive your talents as part of an infernal bargain. Whatever the source, few (if any) mortals can match your talent. Your base Charisma becomes 19 (or increases by +4 if your base Charisma is already 19 or higher). All Perform skills are always Class Skills for you, and you gain an additional +3 untyped bonus to those skills the first time you invest a skill point in them.

You gain a competence bonus to all Perform checks equal to your hit dice.

Competent Composer
You gain a bonus equal to 1/2 your Hit Dice (rounded up, minimum: 1) on the Save DCs of your Bardic Performances and any sonic or language-dependent effects. At the GM's discretion, this bonus may also be applied to any similar performance or music-based effects.

Divine Sound
50% of any sonic damage you deal is treated as divine damage that bypasses all Spell Resistance. You may choose to deal 100% sonic damage instead.

Echoing Sound
When a creature must make a saving throw or attempt to use spell resistance against your sonic, sound-dependent, and language-dependent abilities, they roll twice and take the lower result.

Endure The Sound
You are immune to sonic and language-dependent effects unless you wish to be affected by them.

Master Of Music
You gain the Song Domain as a cleric with a level equal to your hit dice (including the domain abilities). If you already have the Song Domain, you may choose another domain you qualify for. At-will, you may use any of the Song Domain's spells as a spell-like ability as long as your hit dice is equal to or greater than the Cleric level needed to cast those spells. (For example, you must have 3 HD to use Song of Rapture as a SLA.)

Redirect The Sound
As an immediate action, you may spend a spell point or expend your martial focus to Counterspell (as the feat) any sonic or language-dependent effect you are aware of. If you are successful, you may choose a new target for the effect, as if you were the source of it (but with the original power, save DCs, et cetera of the person who used the ability).


Basic Power: You either are a dragon or may take the form of a dragon as a standard action (as the Shapeshift ability of the Alteration sphere with all the effects and traits of the Dragon Transformation talent, the flight speed of Avian Transformation, and with your GM's permission, a Size Change appropriate for your age). Some Deific Dragon Talents require you to be in your Dragon Form. You may remain in your Dragon Form indefinitely, and it is considered your natural form (so if, for example, you are targeted with a successful Dispel effect, you would 'revert' to your Dragon Form).

When you first gain a Deific Dragon Talent, choose a type of dragon from a list of those permitted by your GM. This choice defines your Dragon Element - for example, Red Dragons use Fire, while Etheric Dragons use Force. This affects some of your Deific Dragon Talents.

Your draconic power makes you stronger than other people. Your base Strength becomes 19 (or increases by +4 if your base Strength is already 19 or higher).

Bane Of Mortal Men
Your attacks in Dragon Form are instantly fatal to creatures with half your hit dice or less (rounding up when necessary). You must still hit the target and be able to harm the target with your attack. This means that creatures who can completely evade an attack like your Deadly Breath are not instantly slain. Similarly, a fire breath using this effect cannot instantly kill a creature immune to fire damage.

Deadly Breath
While in your Dragon Form, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to exhale a deadly breath attack. This breath attack does 1d10 damage of your Dragon Element per hit dice you possess in a cone or line up to 20 feet long per hit dice you possess. Your control of your breath is exact enough to avoid damaging anything you do not want to hit. Targets with equal to or more hit dice than you may make a Reflex save for half damage. Additionally, you are immune to damage of the same type as your Dragon Element.

Dragon's Hoard
Wealth has a very weird way of finding you, and you're able to pull more money out of your bags than should be possible. You can always afford things costing up to 10% of your Wealth By Level (use the chart for PCs), and you may expend martial focus for the rest of the day to afford a single purchase of up to 50% of your Wealth By Level. Your valuables cannot be stolen as long as you are alive - it simply refuses to leave the place you have assigned it.

Iron Scales
As a free action while in your Dragon Form, you may expend your martial focus or pay a spell point to negate one otherwise-successful attack or effect dealing hit point damage. You are still hit by the attack, but are simply too tough to be hurt by it. You permanently gain an additional 4 hit points per hit dice.

Second Skin
You may transform into a Small, Medium, or Large humanoid of your choice (as the Shapeshift ability of the Alteration sphere with the Anthropomorphic Transformation talent). Your transformed body is dressed and equipped in any way normal to the form you're taking, and you may speak any language and adopt any mannerisms appropriate to your disguise.

Strength Of The Serpent
As a standard action, you can smash through stone, destroying one five-foot cube per hit die you have. You can crush wooden structures without having to roll for damage, carry four times as much as usual, and perform any other feat of strength your GM feels appropriate for a creature with the raw physical power of a dragon.

Terror On The Wind
When traveling long distances in your Dragon Form, you can fly up to 100 miles per hour with enough maneuverability to perform intricate maneuvers. This cannot be used for traveling distances of less than a mile, and you must slow down to your normal flight speed if you attack.

World Devourer
While in Dragon Form, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point when making an attack or using a power that inflicts damage dice. If you are making an attack roll, it automatically hits and does the maximum possible damage. If you are only rolling damage dice (such as for a breath attack), roll each dice twice and take the better result.

Wyrm's Whispers
Your voice and your gaze are enchanting. While in your Dragon Form, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to hypnotize your a target that you can see and that can see you - treat this as the Mind Control Advanced Talent of the Mind sphere. The target gets a Will Save to negate the effect. Targets with fewer hit dice than you who are successfully hypnotized remain so until the effect is dispelled; targets with equal to or more hit dice than you make a new saving throw at the end of each day and whenever you order them to do something against their natures.

Fey Queen

Basic Power: You are either fey royalty or have been blessed with royal power by a fey monarch (effectively making you a prince or princess of that court). Despite the name, neither you nor any potential source of this power needs to be female. All fey automatically recognize you as a royal entity presiding over their kind, though they are not necessarily friendly to the Fey Court you are associated with.

The Fey Courts are: Seelie (Positive Energy), Unseelie (Negative Energy), Spring (Electricity), Summer (Fire), Fall (Acid), Winter (Cold), and Wild (Sonic). Wild is not truly a court in its own right, but consists of powerful independent lords and fey who are not members of a court. You may give commands to members of your Fey Court and Wild Fey, and they will almost always be obeyed. Each court is associated with a Fey Element, as described above. This affects some of your Deific Fey Talents. There are also lesser courts associated with each of the major courts - these lesser courts are obedient to their leaders, but in most cases operate independently.

You are unaffected by all mind-affecting powers created by the fey and automatically disbelieve any illusion created by a fey. You may choose to perceive the illusion above whatever it covers (and many fey royalty do this to enjoy entertainments), but you still know it to be an illusion.

You may travel to the lands of your Fey Court (including the center of its power) through magical portals that you can conjure in any area associated with your court. The shape of these portals can vary, but faerie rings (large circles of mushrooms) are always an option, and they may spontaneously sprout on a surface to create a portal for you. These portals last long enough to allow your companions to follow you through, but otherwise close automatically when you stop focusing on them. What qualifies as an area linked to your Court is fairly broad, but should somehow tie in to the theme or element of your Court (as judged by the GM). For example, the Seelie Court can create portals in hospitals (because healing is often done with positive energy), while the Wild Court can form portals in places where music is being played.

Your fey power gives you unnatural charisma and an instinctive way with words. Your base Charisma becomes 19 (or increases by +4 if your base Charisma is already 19 or higher). All Charisma-based skills are always Class Skills for you, and you gain an additional +3 untyped bonus to those skills the first time you invest a skill point in them.

The fey are beholden to strange rules, not all of which are convenient:

  • You are bound to the exact terms of any agreement you agree to three times and are magically compelled to follow through on such bargains. You cannot avoid this compulsion by any effect or power, no matter how great. You cannot make attacks against or use a hostile effect on any creature that is currently fulfilling its agreement with you, nor may you give any order that would result in a creature breaking its agreement with you. You may, however, choose to refrain from giving orders that would help them. Their protection is nullified if they attack you or use any hostile effect on you - they are presumed to have broken their agreement.
  • You cannot directly tell a lie. While you may use creative interpretations of what you say, everything you say must at least be true from a certain point of view (as judged by the GM). Note that this only applies to your words, not your gestures or actions.
  • Weapons made of Cold Iron always target Touch AC against you and bypass any DR you have, and you cannot use any powers that negate attacks to stop a weapon made of Cold Iron. Note that the weapon must actually be made of Cold Iron to qualify - weapons that merely have high enhancement bonuses are not enough. You cannot heal any hit points lost to an attack from a Cold Iron weapon except by natural rest.
  • You cannot enter any private building that has iron hung above the primary door without permission from an owner or resident, nor can you use any abilities to affect creatures inside such a dwelling if you are not allowed inside. The iron must be explicitly hung above the door, separate from the door frame - an iron door frame has no special effect on you. A private building is a location like a home or warehouse where the general public is not normally allowed. You are not barred from entering public buildings (like taverns, stores, or government offices) even if they hang iron.
  • You cannot cross a line of salt, nor may you personally do anything to affect the line or anyone behind it. (If someone surrounds themselves in an unbroken ring of salt, for example, you cannot affect them by any method until they come out or the line is broken.)
  • You cannot attack or use hostile effects on a child baptized by the church of a good or neutral deity unless the child or their parent gives you permission.
  • You must repay (in equal value) things that are given to you, though method of repayment is flexible. This does not apply to courtly functions or things that are given to your position, nor to anything done as part of an explicit agreement you make. For example, if you are presented with gifts on your birthday, the celebration is intrinsically linked to your Fey Court and you do not owe anyone anything for it. Similarly, if you command someone within your Court to give you something of value, that is not a gift because you are exercising your legitimate authority over them. However, if you ask for a meal and shelter for the night from a farming family during a journey, you must repay the value of the meal and the safe night in their home or barn (which is usually done by paying them for it, transforming it into an agreement instead of a debt). You may not attack or use hostile effects on anyone you owe a debt to. That said, nothing prevents you from ordering your minions to capture someone you owe a debt to, 'giving' them some amount of money or boons, then immediately ordering their execution once your debt is repaid and taking back what you gave them. Fey Queens have been known to be extremely spiteful when people attempt to abuse repayments or reject what the Fey Queen offers, which is why most people with good sense avoid incurring such a debt or hasten to accept some simple payment and say that the debt is repaid (at which point it is, because value is relative and they just said that they received an acceptable amount). You must repay things within a year and a day - if you do not, you are magically compelled to and cannot act in any way except the furtherance of the repayment until it is done. If the original target is no longer eligible (because, for example, they are dead), you must repay their closest family member, regardless of how distant the bloodline is, but the deadline for doing so is ten years and a day or said family member becoming an adult, whichever happens first. You always know which creatures you owe and where they are located.

Call The Wild Hunt
You may invoke your royal authority to summon the Wild Hunt and call up faerie steeds for yourself and as many companions as you wish. These steeds can travel overland at 20 miles an hour, and their riders never grow tired, hungry, or thirsty. These steeds can cross any terrain (including liquids), and natural beasts will instinctively avoid them. If you are hunting a particular creature that is not concealed by divine magic, the steeds will instinctively take the best route towards the target's location. When targeting a creature in this manner, the steeds will automatically move at least slightly faster than any creature they are chasing (even teleporting if necessary), pursuing it through land, see, or air.

Unless a target creature has personally offended you, they may choose to join the Wild Hunt as one of your servants when caught. If they do so, they are absolved of any other crimes they have committed against your Fey Court as long as they remain loyal to you (and will continue to be your servant even after the Wild Hunt is dismissed). The Wild Hunt will always capture at least one prey when called - if you decide to call off the hunt, the Wild Hunt will depart and go after another target (usually one close by). The leader of the Wild Hunt can be changed mid-hunt, but the current leader will always defer to a fey of a higher rank (and you are almost always the highest-ranking member of the Hunt).

While most creatures can be targeted by a Wild Hunt, you can never set it after a friend of your Fey Court, someone who has made a deal with a member of your Court and is in the midst of fulfilling or benefiting from it, or a sinless target (including all children younger than 18, or whatever passes for the age of maturity among their race). Such individuals may still join the Wild Hunt if asked. This immunity to being a target is lost if such an individual personally offends you or the current leader of the Wild Hunt.

Eloquence Of The Queen
You may communicate with every living creature, including those without Intelligence. When speaking to normally-mindless creatures (those with an Intelligence of 2 or lower), they respond as if they had an Intelligence of 10. Wild animals will never attack you or your companions unless first provoked, and will obey any non-suicidal command you give them.

Gifts Of The Fey
You may inspire a target with talent in one or more skills (typically a Craft, Knowledge, or Perform skill) for a pre-determined period of time or while under certain conditions. Most Fey Queens only give this inspiration as part of an agreement, such as a year of phenomenal skill at painting in return for a child to be sent as a servant for the same time. This bonus can be up to your current hit dice (but may be lower), and does not change unless set to at the start. For example, if you have 15 hit dice you may grant a +5 bonus to Perform (Sing) for one year that increases to +15 when they are performing at your court.

Grace Of The Court
You are always perfectly clean, and cannot be made to appear dirty, incapable, or awkward. As a free action, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to succeed at any ability check.

Love Me And Despair With All Your Heart
As a standard action, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to shine with a terrible fey glamour. Every creature within 60 feet who has fewer hit dice than you is dominated (as the Mind Control Advanced Talent of the Mind sphere), and will obey any order except suicide or something utterly unthinkable for them. Creatures with equal to or more hit dice than you get a Will Save to negate, but must make another Will Save each time they wish to attack you or use a hostile power against you. This effect is broken if you attack any creature dominated by this power. The domination ends one hour after a creature leaves your presence.

Make A Bargain
You may impose your authority on any agreement you make and agree to three times, provided the person is not being magically coerced into the agreement. As long as you carry out your side of the bargain (and you are compelled to do so), the other party must likewise obey or be cast under your power. If they break the terms of the agreement, you may affect them with any ability you possess as if you were standing right next to them (regardless of actual distance, including planar boundaries) for up to a year and a day for each clause they broke. They do not get to make any saving throws against your abilities, regardless of their strength. Your added power over them ends if they once more return to acting in line with the bargain.

Power Of The Court
As a standard action, you may deal 1d12 damage of your Fey Element per hit dice you possess to a target you can see (Reflex halves). You may only deal damage with this effect once per round. If you would deal positive energy damage, you may instead choose to heal a creature that is normally healed by positive energy (most living creatures) for the same amount. You may split the damage of this effect between multiple targets you can see, but each target must be affected by at least 1 dice.

Queen Of Air And Night
As a standard action, you may expend your martial focus or spend a Spell Point to wrap yourself in royal authority. Whatever you spent remains expended until you rest for 8 hours. Until you rest or choose to drop this power, foes with fewer hit dice than you cannot initiate violence or use hostile powers against you unless you have already attacked them. You may negate one attack or power from each creature affected by this power while it remains in effect.

Summon A Servant
As a swift action, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to summon a fae servant of the GM's choice with up to twice your hit dice. This servant is immune to non-magical weapons and serves you intelligently and with absolute obedience to both the letter and spirit of your commands. You may only have one such servant summoned at a time. If the servant is slain, it vanishes, but it or a different servant may be called after 8 hours of rest.


Basic Power: You are an undead lich, in the process of becoming one, or have been granted power by a lich patron. Regardless, you have incredible natural insight into the working of magic. Your base Intelligence becomes 19 (or increases by +4 if your base Intelligence is already 19 or higher). All Intelligence-based skills are always Class Skills for you, and you gain an additional +3 untyped bonus to those skills the first time you invest a skill point in them.

If you are an arcane caster who uses a different ability score to determine the strength of your spells, with your GM's permission you may substitute that score (typically, but not always, Charisma) for the Intelligence boost of this basic power.

You have all undead traits.

A Heart Apart From The World
You possess a phylactery that contains your life. It may be whatever you wish as long as it can be destroyed by ordinary violence. Unless this phylactery is destroyed, you cannot be permanently killed by any method and will regenerate in 24 hours after you die. If the phylactery is destroyed, you do not immediately die - you must be killed after its destruction, or it must be destroyed while you are temporarily dead. You are immediately aware of any damage to your phylactery, including its destruction. You can remake a destroyed phylactery, but it takes 6 months to do so.

Dark Secrets
You gain the Forbidden Lore ability of the Thaumaturge, treating your hit dice as your effective Thaumaturge level. You do not risk suffering backlash when using Forbidden Lore. If you already have the Forbidden Lore ability, the bonus to Caster Level it provides increases by +2.

Dread Master
Undead with fewer hit dice than you are absolutely obedient to your commands and cannot intentionally attack you. Any command you give them will be obeyed with suicidal dedication and an Intelligence of no less than 10 (even if they normally have no Intelligence score). You may attempt to enslave an undead with equal to or more hit dice than you as a standard action; a Fortitude Save negates this effect. You cannot enslave undead who have 10+ hit dice more than you.

Eldritch Barrier
You are immune to all magic with a caster level lower than your hit dice unless you want to be affected by it. Against magical effects with a caster level equal to or higher than your hit dice, you have Spell Resistance equal to 11 + your Hit Dice.

Father Of Bones
You gain access to the Death sphere and all Death talents and Advanced Talents involving the Reanimate ability. The combined hit dice total of the undead you can control with Reanimate is tripled. If you already have some or all of the talents you would normally gain with this ability, you gain a bonus magic talent you may spend in any sphere for each talent you already have.

Iron Mind
You are immune to mind-affecting powers and abilities that can read your thoughts.

Mortal Mask
You may create a mask that disguises you as a living creature. This mask cannot be detected by magical means, and while you wear it, all magic registers you as a living creature.

Wisdom Of The Ages
As a free action when making a Knowledge check, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to gain a +10 bonus to that check.


Basic Power: You are imbued with the power of heavenly light and must be of a Good alignment. Your primary ability modifier (typically the Casting Ability Modifier or Practitioner Ability Modifier for the class you have the most levels in) becomes 19 (or increases by +4 if that ability score is already 19 or higher). You can apply your light in many ways. However, you can only use one of these basic lights at a time.

  • Light Of The Dawn: As a swift action, you may spend a spell point or expend your martial focus to become wreathed in celestial light for 10 minutes per HD. All dark effects affecting you or the space you occupy are dispelled. All creatures with minds that try to attack you suffer a -1 penalty to their attack and damage rolls against you for every 4 HD you have (minimum: -1). While Light of the Dawn is active, you also gain a +4 untyped bonus to your AC and are immune to emotion effects (including fear effects).
  • Light Of Noon: As a standard action, you may touch and bless a corpse. Treat this corpse as if it is permanently under the effects of the Consecrate spell. As a swift action, you may spend a spell point or expend your martial focus to shine even brighter than the light of the dawn for 1 minute per caster level, automatically dispelling all darkness effects within range of the light. You emanate Bright Light (as the Light Sphere) and may apply the effects of up to three talents affecting your bright light, as long as they do not conflict with each other. You do not need to know these talents, but you must choose these talents when you first gain this ability. Treat this bright light as natural daylight for all purposes (including affecting creatures vulnerable to daylight). While this bright light is active, you also gain DR/- and SR equal to your Hit Dice against attacks and effects from undead and creatures of darkness (such as Shadow Demons). This stacks with any existing DR or SR your possess.
  • Light Of Dusk: As a swift action, you automatically detect all magical auras in your line of sight (as the Divine power of the Divination sphere). You automatically identify all of these auras you can see, including those of magical items and artifacts. You have the chance to detect any illusion in your line of sight - the GM rolls secretly as if you interacted with them to determine whether or not you perceive them.
  • Light Of The Night: As a standard action, you may pay a spell point or expend your martial focus to conceal your magical powers. Until you regain the point or martial focus (which you may do as a move action), you are no longer affected by the negative effects of your general drawbacks, though you still get their benefits. For example, if you have the Verbal Casting drawback, you no longer need to speak to cast. You may also spend a spell point or expend your martial focus to mute the senses of those around you for up to 1 minute per HD. You do not need to concentrate on this, and may end it as a free action. While this is in effect, all creatures suffer a penalty equal to your HD on Perception checks to notice you or things you do.
  • Light Of The Eclipse: You may use your celestial power to sanctify oaths and agreements. By shaking hands (if you yourself are party to the agreement) or placing your hands over those of people agreeing to something (if you are not part of the agreement), you may imbue it with the force of celestial law. Each party is under a Geas (as the spell) to fulfill the terms of the agreement, with no saving throw if they accept your authority. You know whether or not a creature is affected by this power.

Ancient Oaths Of Light
You are protected by ancient oaths and agreements. You may travel unusual realms - such as the territory of fey creatures or any lawful or neutral plane, but not chaotic planes - without fear of being attacked by intelligent inhabitants. Such places will give you hospitality (including good food and shelter, as available, and any reasonable thing you ask for) and will not attempt to harm you, trick you into bad deals, or otherwise mislead you. However, this protection only lasts while you remain a good guest - unreasonable requests, attacking other guests, and similar violations of hospitality mean that you are now fair game.

Cosmic Power
You use d20s instead of the normal dice size for all positive energy effects (including Channeling Positive Energy, the Cure power of the Life sphere, and the Invigorating Blast talent of the Destruction sphere).

Disciple Of Light
You may use any spell of the Sun Cleric domain (including its subdomains) at-will as a spell-like ability, though your Hit Dice must be equal to or greater than the equivalent Cleric level. (For example, you must have at least 3 HD to use the second-level Heat Metal spell.) Treat your Hit Dice or your Caster Level with the Light Sphere (whichever is higher) as your Caster Level for these spells.

Immunity To Light
You are immune to positive energy damage and all effects with the light descriptor (including all talents of the Light sphere) unless you willingly accept them. You are also immune to fire damage and any secondary effects cause by fire or heat.

Life From Light
You gain Regeneration equal to 1/2 your Hit Dice, rounded up (minimum: 1) while you are in natural daylight.

Radiant Power
Creatures do not get any bonuses to their saving throws (except from racial hit dice or class levels) against your Channel Energy. (For example, undead with Channel Resistance would not get that bonus.)

Scion Of The Morning
You gain a competence bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to your primary ability modifier while you are in natural daylight.

Shining Lord
You may control all light-based creatures within long range. (A light-based creature is any creature with the good subtype, the Celestial Creature template, or is native to the Positive Energy plane.) These creatures will obey any order except those requiring self-harm or that are against the creature's nature. (You cannot, for example, order an angel to commit an evil act.) These creatures cannot attack you or use any hostile effect on you - even if they use an area-of-effect ability, it will not affect you.

Lord Of Chaos

Basic Power: You are empowered by the force of pure chaos. Whenever you are affected by a power that allows a saving throw and affects you for more than one round, you may make an additional saving throw against it at the start of each of your turns. This saving throw gains a stacking +1 circumstance bonus each time you attempt to throw off the same effect.

Blessing Of Chaos
You gain a competence bonus equal to 1/2 your hit dice (minimum: 1) to your attack rolls, damage rolls, and armor class while you are on a chaotic-aligned plane.

Chaotic Power
You gain the Chaos Domain as a cleric with a level equal to your hit dice (including the domain abilities). If you already have the Chaos Domain, you may choose another domain you qualify for. At-will, you may use any of the Chaos Domain's spells as a spell-like ability as long as your hit dice is equal to or greater than the cleric level needed to cast those spells. (For example, you must have 3 HD to use Align Weapon (chaos only) as a SLA)

At the start of the day, roll 2d8. Depending on the results, you can also cast spell-like abilities and use domain powers from one or two of the following subdomains: 1: Azata, 2: Demodand, 3: Demon, 4: Entropy, 5: Protean, 6: Revelry, 7: Riot, 8: Whimsy. Your chaotic power fluctuates in strange ways, so it is possible to roll the same number twice (in which case you only get access to that subdomain).

Chaotic Vitality
You gain regeneration equal to 1/2 your hit dice while on a chaotic-aligned plane. Lawful attacks (such as those from outsiders with the lawful subtype) negate your regeneration for 1 round.

Fight The Power
You are immune to effects with the lawful descriptor (such as many talents of the Fate sphere).

Master Of Chaos
Creatures with the Chaotic subtype recognize you as… not an authority, exactly, but someone of interest. Their starting attitude towards you becomes friendly unless they are morally opposed to you (for example, demons will not become friendly if you are chaotic good). Creatures with the Lawful subtype recognize you as a natural enemy, and their starting attitude towards you becomes hostile (though they will not actually attack unless they have a compelling reason - they are, after all, lawful creatures that follow the rules).

Taint Of Chaos
Your attacks deal strange damage that is hard to heal from. Any effect that restores HP is only half as effective (rounded down) on damage you did unless the healing occurs on a law-aligned plane. This can reduce healing to 0.

You can always move and attack normally, even when under the effect of powers or conditions that impede your movement (such as paralysis, difficult terrain, handcuffs, or sticky webs). All combat maneuver checks made to grapple you automatically fail, and you automatically succeed on checks to escape a grapple or pin. You may even move and attack normally while underwater, though you do not gain water breathing from this ability.

As a free action, you may open any lock or ward (regardless of power or complexity) as long as it's being used to keep you inside a more limited area. (Thus, you can easily break out of most prisons, but you cannot break into them. You can simply open handcuffs, regardless of their locks.) This applies even to things that aren't normally considered locks, such as a heavy box placed on the other side of a door - it will simply move away from the door.

If there is no normal route out of an area (such as a room with no doors), you may become insubstantial and pass through solid objects until you reach an open area. This also applies to any bindings, shackles, or other impediments that stop you from moving freely. You may even cross between planar boundaries if that is how you wish to leave an area.

In short, only active effort by a deity can keep you in place for any length of time when you don't wish to be kept. You are chaos, and no bindings can hold you for long.

Weird Form
You are immune to all polymorph effects (including all powers of the Alteration sphere) and all spells of the Transmutation school unless you wish to be affected by them.

Peak Human

Basic Power: You are a natural-born hero, blessed by the gods, or fated for greatness. Whatever the source of your power, you are a true paragon of your species. Any attribute score lower than 16 is raised to 16, while any score at 16 or higher gains a +4 bonus.

Careful Aim
As a free action at the start of your turn, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point. Until the start of your next turn, you may roll all of your attack rolls twice and take the better result.

Champion Of The People
You have many contacts in the world. You can always find a local contact appropriate to your background if it's remotely plausible for them to be in the area, and they will offer as much help as a normal human in an important position can offer. Major political figures - like mighty nobles - recognize that you are special and almost always treat you well in an effort to get on your good side.

Leap Off The Walls
Intense training has given you a +6 Dodge bonus to your AC. You gain a climb speed equal to your normal movement speed and are always treated as if you have a running start when jumping.

Luck Of The Mortal Races
When an attack or effect would bring you below 1 hit point or cause your death, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to negate the effect and either dodge or endure it.

Rapid Recovery
With five minutes of rest, you recover half of your maximum hit points. Once per day, as an immediate action, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point to recover half of your maximum half points. This occurs after any damage you're triggering in response to, but takes effect before you could fall unconscious or die.

Sweep The Streets
The masses are no threat to you. As a standard action, you may expend your martial focus or spend a spell point and make a single melee attack roll against every target within 10 feet per hit dice you have. You may only strike targets you have line of effect to. Each foe with fewer HD than you struck by this attack is knocked unconscious or immediately slain (as you choose).

Will Of Humanity
You are immune to all mind-affecting powers. Once per encounter (as defined by the GM, but typically an encounter ends when initiative stops), you may treat a hit roll, a saving throw, or an ability check as if you rolled a Natural 20.

World's Greatest
Choose an Artistry, Craft, Performance, or Profession skill. Whenever you make a check with that skill, treat it as if you rolled a Natural 20. You may gain this Deific Talent more than once - each time you do, it applies to a different skill.

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