Universal Utility Talents

Advanced Kinesis

Element(s) universal; Level 2; Type utility (Sp); Burn varies (see text)
Prerequisite(s) any basic utility wild talent

You can achieve a variety of fantastical feats through the use of your kinetic powers, emulating magic. You can use a bonus spell associated with a domain (as the cleric class feature) as a spell-like ability, based on which basic utility wild talent(s) you possess:

  • Aerokinesis - Air (Cloud)
  • Chaokinesis - Darkness (Loss)
  • Chronokinesis - Time*
  • Corpokinesis - Strength
  • Geokinesis - Earth (Petrification)
  • Hydrokinesis - Water (Rivers)
  • Photokinesis - Trickery
  • Phytokinesis - Plant (Thorns)
  • Pyrokinesis - Fire (Arson)
  • Telekinesis - Protection
  • Toxikinesis - Death (Plague)
  • Vibrokinesis - Song*

Activating this wild talent is a full-round action (or the emulated spell’s normal casting time if longer) that provokes attacks of opportunity and costs an amount of burn equal to 1 + ⅓ the level of spell you wish to use, and you can only use spells of a level no more than ½ your kineticist level in this way. Any variables dependent upon a mental ability score instead use your Constitution. Domains listed without a subdomain use their default spell lists. (*The Time domain can be found in Gods of Porphyra (Purple Duck Games) and the Song domain can be found in The Book of Divine Magic (4 Winds Fantasy Gaming); both are open game content.) Other domains can be granted for unlisted basic utility wild talents at GM discretion.

Advanced Kinesis, Greater

Element(s) universal; Level 4; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) any basic utility wild talent, advanced kinesis

You gain the granted powers from any domains from which you can cast spells as spell-like abilities through advanced kinesis (including any bonus feats, class skills, and other effects they provide), using your kineticist level -4 as your cleric level and your Constitution modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier. For domains without a listed subdomain, always use the default granted powers.

Armored Form

Element(s) universal; Level 6; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) kinetic formOA

While your kinetic formOA wild talent is active, you gain a +1 bonus to your natural armor. This natural armor bonus increases by 1 for every 2 burn you possess.


Element(s) universal; Level 1; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0

Your kinetic ability has manifested in such a way that you can easily be mistaken for a bard. You can manifest a musical instrument out of kinetic energy or matter at will, as the summon musical instrument spell, remaining permanently until you dismiss it as a free action; you must choose the form this instrument takes when you learn this wild talent, and you cannot change its form afterward. You can use kinetic blasts by playing this instrument, even if it requires two hands to play, and the instrument does not interfere with using gather power.

When using kinetic blasts with this instrument, make a Perform check appropriate to the instrument (DC 25 + ½ your kineticist level). If you succeed, your kinetic blast gets a +1 competence bonus to attack rolls; this bonus increases to +2 at 8th level, and to +3 at 16th. Failing the check by 5 or more instead applies a -1 penalty to attack rolls with the blast for each 5 by which you fail the check. Kinetic blasts made with an instrument manifested through cantikinesis are treated as having the performance weapon quality, and are treated as being wielded for the purpose of applying effects related to the performance weapon quality. You can choose to gain this wild talent in place of a basic utility wild talent.

Cantikinesis, Improved

Element(s) universal; Level 1; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0
Requirement(s) cantikinesis

Choose a simple kinetic blast from an element you do not possess when you select this wild talent. You can use this kinetic blast so long as you’re using a musical instrument manifested through cantikinesis to do so, but it cannot benefit from making a Perform check. You do not learn composite blasts with the chosen simple blast as a requirement. If you ever gain access to the chosen blast’s element (such as through expanded element), immediately choose a new simple blast for an element you do not possess for this wild talent to provide.

Cantikinesis, Greater

Element(s) universal; Level 4; Type utility (Su); Burn
Requirement(s) improved cantikinesis

You learn the composite blasts associated with the simple kinetic blast gained through improved cantikinesis and any kinetic blasts you possess, and any blasts learned through this wild talent or through improved cantikinesis can receive the benefits of a Perform check made with their use, providing a maximum competence bonus of +2. When used to perform a blast of your primary element or a composite blast which includes your primary element, instead reduce the DC of cantikinesis’s effect by 5 and double its competence bonus.

Charged Attacks

Element(s) universal; Level 3; Type utility (Su); Burn

For every 3 kineticist levels you possess, apply your elemental overflow bonus to one attack made with natural weapons, armor spikes or spiked gauntlets granted to you through wild talents other than unnatural evolution per round.

Composite Versatility

Element(s) universal; Level 4; Type utility (Sp); Burn 1

You pour extra power into your composite blasts, allowing them to act in unusual ways. When you select this wild talent, choose a composite blast you possess; until the next time you recover burn, you can use any infusion with that composite blast that could be used with its prerequisite blasts (for example, burning infusionOA with summer blastOO). If that blast instead requires a particular expanded element (such as ice blastOA) it can instead use any infusion of its element(s).

Composite Versatility, Improved

Element(s) universal; Level 7; Type utility (Sp); Burn 0
Prerequisite(s) composite versatility

You expand one of your composite blasts’ potential to unseen levels. Choose a composite blast you possess to which you’ve applied composite versatility; for 1 round per 5 kineticist levels you possess, you can use that blast with any infusion you know, increasing the blast’s burn cost by 1 for each infusion it couldn’t ordinarily take to do so. This wild talent can only be used once per day.

Durable Form

Element(s) universal; Level 6; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) kinetic formOA

When you first activate your kinetic formOA wild talent, you gain 2 temporary hit points per kineticist level you possess. You can accept 1 burn to replenish these temporary hit points as a swift action.

Enhanced Fist

Element(s) universal; Level 1; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) kinetic fistOA

You have mastered the art of the kinetic fist. Treat your kinetic blast as if you were a kineticist four levels higher when determining how much damage your kinetic fistOA wild talent deals (a 7th level kineticist with this feat would deal 2d6 with their kinetic fist, as their kinetic blast would be treated as 6d6).

Guided Ricochet

Element(s) universal; Level 4; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) ricochet or chain infusion

Each time you choose an additional target for a kinetic blast with the ricochet or chain infusion, the blast receives a +1 bonus to its attack roll against the new target; this bonus is cumulative with the chain infusion (for example, you receive a +2 bonus against the third target of the blast, a +3 bonus against the fourth, etc.).

Implant Blast

Element(s) universal; Level 4; Type utility (Sp); Burn 1
Prerequisite(s) suspended impact or Delay Blast feat, kinetic bomb

You implant a simple kinetic blast into a creature as if using the Implant Bomb feat. You can apply any one substance infusion to the implanted blast by paying its burn cost as part of using this wild talent, and the blast is always treated as if the kinetic bomb infusion has been applied to it. No scars are left behind by the procedure, but the afflicted takes on a mundane symptom thematic to the blast’s element (such as a fever for fire blast or excessive sweating for water blast). By accepting 1 additional point of burn, you eschew a time limit, replacing it with a password that triggers the blast when spoken by the afflicted. No Heal check is needed to implant or remove an implanted blast, but it still requires either dispel magic or a Disable Device check (DC = 11 + kineticist level) to disable.

Kinetic Crafter

Element(s) universal; Type utility (Su); Level 2; Burn

You gain the Craft Wondrous Item feat, treating your kineticist level as your caster level. For every 3 points of burn you have, you may ignore one prerequisite when crafting an item.

Natural Rush

Element(s) universal; Level 3; Type utility (Su); Burn

Whenever you make a charge attack, you are treated as though you had pounce when only making attacks with natural weapons, armor spikes, or spiked gauntlets granted to you through wild talents other than unnatural evolution.

Overwhelming Skill

Element(s) universal; Level 3; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) greater skilled kineticistOA, overwhelming powerOA class feature

The benefits of skilled kineticistOA apply to all of your kineticist class skills, and you do not need ranks in these skills to make skill checks with them. At 12th level this instead applies to all skills.

Penetrating Burn

Element(s) universal; Type utility (Su); Level 3; Burn

Your burn allows you to sense weaknesses in your foe’s defenses. For each point of burn you have, your kinetic blast ignore 1 point of resistance against acid, cold, electric, fire, negative energy, or sonic your foes possess.

Skill Hack

Element(s) universal; Level 3; Type utility (Su); Burn
Prerequisite(s) skilled kineticistOA

You gain any skill unlocks associated with the skills your primary element added to your skill list.

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