Void Gazer

Occulted Visions: Coaxing out the secrets of the dark tapestry comes with a price. Her eyes are stained black by what she’s seen, a physical manifestation of the unfathomable source of her knowledge. At 1st level the void gazer gains the Dark sphere as a bonus magic talent and the Clouded Vision oracle curse. If the void gazer has the Dark sphere already, she gains a bonus talent for this sphere instead. For determining the effects of the curse her oracle level is equal to her levels in void gazer plus one for every two Hit Dice or levels in classes other than void gazer. The void gazer may not increase the maximum range of her vision by any means save progressing the curse.

The void gazer may, as part of the action required to use a spell or sphere effect, increase her caster level by 2 for that effect. This bonus increases by +1 at 5th level, and by an additional +1 for every 4 levels thereafter to a maximum of +6 at 17th level.

Whenever a void gazer uses occulted visions, there is a 15% chance she will suffer occulted backlash. When this occurs, the range of her vision, including blindsense and blindsight, is reduced by 5 ft. until she rests to regain spell points. This reduction is cumulative and can not be removed in any other way. Magic that grants additional senses or extends the limits of existing senses cannot extend beyond this limit. If her vision is reduced to 0 ft., she is blinded and unable to use occulted visions until the penalty is removed. A void gazer using occulted visions with a Dark sphere talent or effect only has a 5% chance of suffering a backlash.

This modifies and counts as forbidden lore.

Eldritch Invocations: In an act of madness or desperation, the void gazer may attempt to channel the eldritch powers of the void directly through her psyche to power her magic. The void gazer only gains a number of uses of invocations per day equal to half her casting ability modifier. She may, as a free action, purposely suffer occulted backlash in order to gain an additional use of invocations. At 3rd level, the void gazer gains Stygian Immersion as a bonus talent.

The void gazer gains the following invocations in addition to the normal list of invocations:

Glimpse of Beyond: At 1st level, when using occulted visions to augment a Dark sphere effect, the void gazer may use an invocation to cause the affected targets to become confused for one round (Will negates).

Slip between Worlds: At 3rd level, when using occulted visions to augment a Dark sphere effect, the void gazer may apply the Stygian Immersion meld to one affected target (Will negates).

Shared Vision: At 7th level, if the void gazer suffers backlash when using occulted visions, she may share a fleeting impression of the void’s terrible secrets with another creature within 30 ft. The void gazer suffers backlash as normal, but the target must make a Will save or be blinded for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 the void gazer’s caster level.

Fall into the Void: At 11th level, when using occulted visions to augment a Dark sphere effect, the void gazer may apply the Stygian Immersion meld to all targets within that sphere effect’s area of effect (Will negates).

Descent into Madness: At 15th level, when using occulted visions to augment a Dark sphere effect, all target currently immersed within an area of blot or darkness as a result of her Stygian Immersion meld must succeed a Will save or be confused for a number of rounds equal to her caster level. Leaving the void gazer’s area of blot immediately ends the confusion.

The void gazer loses access to the channel punishment, empowered defense, empowered resistance, lingering blessing and soulfire invocations. This ability modifies and counts as invocations.

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