Warrior Of Blind Faith (Paladin/Antipaladin Archetype)
Spheres of Might
Not all warriors of faith pray for spells to supplement their might; instead, some spend the time they would normally spend in prayerful contemplation performing a different type of offering, sparring and training in the arts martial. For these warriors, the clash of sword on sword is the sweetest prayer, and the only reward they seek for these dutiful dedications is the strength and skill they impart.

Delayed Combat Training (Ex): At 4th level and every two levels afterwards, a warrior of blind faith gains a combat talent of their choice. Warriors of blind faith use Charisma as their practitioner modifier.

This class feature replaces the antipaladin/paladin’s spells class feature. A warrior of blind faith does not gain any spells or spellcasting abilities, does not have a caster level, and cannot use spell trigger or spell completion magic items.

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