The following are new weapons and weapon special abilities. If you want to enchant a staff with new abilities, see the Staves page.


Energy Sword

Cost 12,000 gp
Type one-handed melee; Proficiency exotic; Weight 1 lbs.
Damage 1d8 (Small), 1d10 (Medium); Damage Type E and F; Critical 19-20/x3
Range —; Capacity 10; Usage 1 charge/10 minutes

When activated, an energy sword’s ornate handle projects a quantum field that contains energized plasma in a 2- to 3-ft.-long “blade.” Attacks made with an energy blade resolve as touch attacks. Half the damage it deals is electricity and the other half is fire. This damage bypasses resistance to fire and electricity, but not immunity. Creatures which are immune to fire or electricity take half damage from an energy sword and creatures immune to both take no damage. When the wielder attacks an object, damage from an energy sword ignores the first 20 points of hardness and its damage is not halved (even though energy damage is usually halved when applied to objects). Thanks to its quantum containment, an energy sword deals half damage against incorporeal creatures, despite not being a magical weapon.

Pole of Unlife

Aura moderate Death, Fate; CL 6th
Slot none; Price 32,100 gp; Weight 4 lbs.
This quarterstaff is topped with a multitude of what appear to be burning wax candles, except these candles never burn out, and are as hard as steel when used in combat.

This staff functions as both a +2 grayflame quarterstaff and a death wand with 3 spell points. The staff cannot create a ghost strike, but it may reanimate a touched creature of 6 HD or less, may control a total of 12 HD of creatures at once, and has access to the Expanded Necromancy talent.

Construction Requirements
Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Craft Wand, Death Sphere, Fate Sphere, masterwork quarterstaff; Cost 15,750 gp

New Weapon Properties


This special ability can only be placed on ranged weapons.

You may alter the trajectory of your attack once when making a ranged attack with an arcing weapon. Rather than having your attack travel in a straight line, you may have it make a single turn of up to 90 degrees, and determine the effects of cover from the square in which your attack turns. You may even use this to attack a target that would normally be behind total cover. However, you still determine line of sight from your own square, suffering concealment normally.

Faint transmutation; CL: 5th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Telekinesis Sphere; Price: +1 Bonus


This enchantment can be applied to any handheld magic item, including weapons, shields, or staves.

An attendant item springs to hand when you send for it. As a swift action you can call for an attendant item, and if it is within 50 ft it attempts to leaps to your hand. If it is currently held by another creature or trapped or bound in some way it fails to arrive, though it can extricate itself from a backpack or sheathe. You must possess an attendant item for at least 24 hours before you can use this function.

Faint transmutation; CL: 5th; Craft Wondrous Item, Telekinesis Sphere, Call to Hand; Price: +1,000 gp


This enhancement can only be placed on a nonlight melee weapon. Like the avalanche of a mountain, avalanche weapons apply the power of momentum from the wielder’s full body to the attack instead of its Strength. A wielder of an avalanche weapon can choose to apply her Constitution modifier to damage rolls with the weapon in place of her Strength modifier. This modifier to damage is not increased for two-handed weapons, but is still reduced for off-hand weapons.

Moderate Enhancement; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, physical enhancement; Price +1 bonus.

Blast Vessel

A blast vessel weapon may be imbued with a blast type talent that the wielder possesses as a standard action. Once imbued, it deals 1 die of bonus damage, with die size, damage type, and additional effects as appropriate to the blast type. The weapon keeps this blast type for 24 hours or until another blast type is imbued. The save DC of any additional effects are equal to that of the creature imbuing the weapon. Blast type talents that carry an SP cost cannot be imbued.

Moderate evocation; CL 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Destruction sphere; Price +2 bonus


A conscription weapon forces enemies to become allies, often turning the tide of battle in wars where such weapons are common. Creatures who take damage from conscription weapons must make a DC 17 Will save. Failure means that the creature must cease attacking the weapon’s wielder or known allies of the weapon’s wielder. The creature is then under the influence of the Command charm’s powerful variant, as if cast by the wielder of the sword. This control lasts for 12 rounds, but the creature may make a saving throw at the end of its turn every round to try and shake off the effect. Similarly, if the sword leaves the wielder’s possession, the effect immediately ends. When the weapon successfully conscripts a creature in this fashion, the weapon’s power can’t be used again for 1d6+1 rounds.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Mind sphere, the Command talent, the Powerful Charm talent; Price +3 bonus


While wielding a crackling weapon in precipitation of severity level 4 or higher, the wielder may hold it aloft as a full-round action, causing the weapon to be struck by lightning. For 1 round per enhancement bonus, attacks with the weapon deal an extra 1d6 lightning damage per severity level above 3, to a maximum of 1d6 per +1 enhancement bonus the weapon has.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Weather sphere, Lightning Lord; Cost +2,500 gp, CL: 5th


This property may only be applied to melee weapons. As a standard action, the wielder of this weapon may make an attack on a creature not native to the current plane of existence. If the attack hits, in addition to normal damage, the outsider must make a Will saving throw against a DC equal to 10 + 1/2 the Hit Dice of the attacker + their Charisma modifier. If they fail, they are forced to return to their home plane of existence. If the attack is a critical hit, they must save against this ability twice. Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

Construction Requirements: Craft Arms and Armor, Protection sphere; Price +2 bonus

Destructive Focus

A destructive focus weapon allows the wielder to transfer the weapon’s enhancement bonus to the destructive blasts of the wielder. As a free action, at the start of her turn before using her weapon, the wielder chooses how to allocate her weapon’s enhancement bonus, either to his attack with the weapon or his destructive blast. The bonus to the destructive blast lasts until the weapon’s wielder’s next turn. The enhancement bonus from the weapon applies to attack rolls and damage of the destructive blast.

Faint evocation; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Destruction sphere; Price +1 bonus

Destructive Focus, Greater

A greater destructive focus functions as a destructive focus weapon, but half of the transferred enhancement bonus also applies to save DCs of the destructive blast.

Moderate evocation; CL: 10th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Destruction sphere; Price +2 bonus


When a weapon with this enhancement scores a critical hit on a target, it also bestows the entangled condition to that target. A creature entangled by this ability may, on its turn, attempt to break free as a move action, making a Strength or Escape Artist check against a DC equal to 15 + twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus. The entangled condition ends on it’s own after 1 minute.

Moderate Nature; CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, entangle; Price +1 bonus.


This enhancement can only be placed on a light or one-handed melee weapon. A wielder of a fey-forged weapon can choose to apply her Charisma modifier to damage rolls with the weapon in place of her Strength modifier. This modifier to damage is not increased for two-handed light weapons nor reduced for off-hand weapons. If a fey-forged weapon is used to attack a creature with the fey creature type, the attacker suffers a -2 penalty to attack rolls and damage rolls.

Moderate Enhancement; CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, mental enhancement; Price +1 bonus.


This special ability can only be placed on thrown weapons. When you make a full attack, you may direct a flying weapon to perform as many of those attacks as you desire. A flying weapon can focus all of your attacks on a single target, or may move up to its range increment between each attack. At the end of your full attack action it drops in the square it made its last attack in.

Faint transmutation; CL: 5th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Telekinesis Sphere, Dancing Weapon, Mobile Bludgeon; Price: +1 Bonus


While wielding a howling weapon in Wind of severity level 3 or higher, the wielder may hold it aloft as a full-round action. All creatures within 10 ft. + 10 ft. per Wind severity level above 3 must make a saving throw against a DC of 10 + 1/2 the wielder’s HD + the Wind severity level or become frightened for 1 round.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Weather sphere, Wind Lord; Cost +1 bonus, CL: 5th


Injuries made by this weapon seem worse than they actually are. Creatures damaged by this weapon take nonlethal bleed damage equal to twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus. Unlike normal bleed damage this can only be ended if the creature makes a Will save DC 15 + the weapon’s enhancement bonus. Afflicted creatures are allowed a save every time they take damage from this effect.

Faint Illusion or Faint Mind; CL: 5th; Price: +1 Bonus


Invisible weapons can only be seen by creatures making physical contact with the weapon, or if no creature is making physical contact with the weapon. Being stowed in a worn pocket, bag, sheath or similar arrangement counts as physical contact for the purpose of this enhancement. Once per round as part of the action required to make an attack invisible weapons deny their targets their Dexterity bonus to AC. This enhancement interacts with spells and sphere effects as the glamer version of Invisibility when cast upon an object.

Moderate Illusion (Concealed Aura MSD 19); CL: 8th; Price: +3 bonus (+4 for firearms)

Plasma Blade

Aura moderate creation; CL 9th
Slot weapon; Price +3 bonus; Weight

A plasma blade weapon has its significant portion transformed into magical energy, this reduces the weight of the weapon by 80% and the weapon deals half electric and half fire damage though it uses the base weapon’s damage dice, critical threat range, and critical multiplier. Treat this damage as an energy sword’s, bypassing electric and fire resistance but not immunity.

Special: Any effect which would allow Brilliant Energy (+4) to be added to a weapon (for example, the ethereal equipment arsenal trick) can also be used to add Plasma Blade (+3) to a weapon instead.

Construction Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Creation sphere, Expanded Materials: Plasma Production; Price


Whenever you hit a creature with this weapon, you receive a circumstance bonus to your AC against that creature equal to this weapon’s enhancement bonus for 1 minute or until you strike a different creature. Source: The Abjurer's Handbook

Construction Requirements: Craft Arms and Armor, Protection sphere; Price +1 bonus

Radiant Edge

This special ability may only be placed on melee weapons. A radiant edge weapon projects deadly light from its edge when wielded correctly, allowing its wielder to make attacks as if their reach was 5 ft. longer than normal. However, it takes specific motions and precise setup to use this effectively and so this does not increase the wielder’s threatened area, only their reach when making attacks on their own turn.

In addition, you can use a radiant edge weapon much like a torch. It sheds normal light in a 20 ft. radius and increases the light level for an additional 20 ft. by one step, up to normal light. You may turn this light on or off as a free action.

Faint evocation; CL: 5th; Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Light sphere; Price: +2 Bonus

Shade-Hexed (5,000 gp)

A shade-hexed weapon feeds on darkness and is more powerful when wielded inside it, but is weaker when in areas of illumination. When in areas of darkness, shade-hexed weapons gain a +1 to their enhancement bonus, but they suffer a -1 to their enhancement bonus when wielded in areas of bright light. In areas of dim light or normal light their enhancement bonus is unchanged. A shade-hexed weapon with an effective enhancement bonus of 0 no longer counts as a magic weapon for bypassing damage reduction, but retains its +1 bonus to hit as a masterwork weapon.


Shadowstrike weapons allow you to assail unaware targets through their shadows. Attacks against flanked targets or targets denied their Dexterity bonus to AC resolve as touch attacks. Any creature damaged by such an attack becomes immune to this weapon ability regardless of source for 1d4 rounds.

Moderate Illusion or Moderate Dark CL: 8th; Price: +2 bonus (melee weapon) or +3 bonus (ranged weapon or ammunition)

Shadow Wake

Shadow wake weapons leave a short lived trail of unstable shadowstuff when used in an attack. This quasi-real energy deals an additional 1d6 nonlethal damage. If an attack with a shadow wake weapon misses but would have hit the touch AC of the target the target still takes 1d6 nonlethal damage.

Faint Illusion; CL: 5th; Price: +1 bonus


Skeptical weapons help their wielder combat magical trickery. The wielder adds the weapon’s enhancement bonus to Will saves and MSD against illusions as well as opposed skill checks against skills augmented by illusion magic. Attacks made with a skeptical weapon also attempt to make a dispel check against against all illusions within 10 ft. of the target with a MSB equal to 5+ twice the weapon’s enhancement bonus.

Moderate Divination; CL: 8th; Price: +1 bonus

Tenebrous (4,000 gp)

A tenebrous weapon can be stored in your shadow as if you possessed the Shadow Stash talent. It may be stored and retrieved at any time at the same action cast as drawing the weapon normally. If you already possess the Shadow Stash talent, you may store or retrieve it as a free action. Weapons with the tenebrous quality can be used to make disarm or sunder attempts against items stored in a Shadow Stash.


This weapon special ability can be applied to any melee weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage. When confirming a critical hit with a thirsty weapon against a creature that is not immune to bleed damage, the wielder may cause the weapon to absorb a portion of the creature’s blood as a free action. The wielder may instead expend a blood point from the Reservoir feat to fill the weapon as a full-round action. This stored blood counts as having a blood point as per the Reservoir feat and may be spent per that feat. A thirsty weapon may store a number of blood points equal to its enhancement bonus. Blood points stored in the weapon last indefinitely.

Aura faint Blood; CL 5; Price +1 bonus

Umbral Edged

An umbral edged weapon’s blade is particularly effective at severing a target’s shadow. A creature using an umbral edged weapon only has to threaten a critical hit in order to activate the shadow theft ability rather than successfully confirm a critical threat.

Price: +1 bonus

Wiki Note: Other information on enchanting with this effect was not provided. We suggest Craft Magical Arms and Armor as the feat, CL 5th, and the Dark sphere as a prerequisite.

Wild Critical

A confirmed critical hit with a wild critical weapon increases the target’s wild magic chance by 100% for a number of rounds equal to its enhancement bonus.

Faint fate, CL 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Fate sphere; Cost +1 bonus

Wild Fang

Weapons with this special ability usually appear to have claw, horn, or antler worked into their hilts or shafts. The bearer of a weapon with this ability may apply any enhancement bonus or other magic properties of this weapon to a single natural weapon while in a wild shape or under the effects of the Alteration sphere’s shapeshift and the chosen natural weapon can bypass material based DR as if it was made of the same material as the weapon. While the bearer is in a wild shape or shapeshift, the weapon cannot be seen. Ranged weapon properties do not apply to melee natural attacks and melee weapon properties do not apply to ranged natural attacks.

Faint transmutation; CL: 5th; Craft Magic Arms and Armor, baleful polymorph or Alteration sphere; Cost +1 bonus


On a successful critical hit with a windblast weapon, the wielder may make a bull rush attempt as a free action against the target and every creature in a 15-ft. cone originating from the wielder that includes the target. This bull rush is made at range, does not provoke an attack of opportunity, nor can the wielder move with the target. The weapon’s enhancement bonus, along with any feats or talents the wielder has that modify bull rushes, applies to the bull rush. This special ability may only be added to melee weapons.

Construction Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Weather sphere, Squamish; Cost +2 bonus, CL: 5th

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