Wiki Weapons

Wiki Note: The weapons on this page were developed using Lemmy's Custom Weapon Generation System, and are intended to provide flavorful and interesting new options for PCs and NPCs alike.

Table: New Simple Weapons

Weapon Category Price Damage Critical Range Increment Weight Type Special
Signet Knife Simple Light Weapon 4 gp 1d3 20/x3 - 1 lb. P and S Signet
Thief's Dagger Simple Light Weapon 54 gp 1d3 19-20/x2 - 2 lbs. P or S Concealable, Disabling

Table: New Martial Weapons

Weapon Category Price Damage Critical Range Increment Weight Type Special
Guard's Club Martial One-Handed Weapon 10 gp 1d10 20/x2 - 4 lbs. B Arc, Nonlethal
Igniter Martial One-Handed Weapon 60 gp 1d6 19-20/x2 - 5 lbs. S or Fire Elemental Damage, Hand Guard, Spark

Weapon Descriptions

Guard's Club

Often used by city guardsmen to help keep the peace, the Guard's Club is a flexible weapon that bends in the direction it's swung - this arcing movement allows it to reduce the bonus to AC a target receives from cover by 2. While it can be used to deal lethal damage, most guards prefer to use the arcing movement to deal nonlethal damage and help suppress their targets.


Popular in regions where there's a significant need for flame - but a bit too expensive for every peasant to keep in their homes, much less keep fueled - the Igniter normally acts as a one-handed slashing weapon. As a free action before any attack, however, the user can squeeze two buttons on the hilt to ignite a burst of oil and allow the weapon to strike for fire damage instead. While this is elemental damage, the nature of the weapon means it still targets normal AC (instead of Touch AC), and the user can add their strength modifier to the fire damage this weapon deals. The Igniter can hold ten units of fuel - each flaming attack made consumes one unit of fuel, regardless of whether or not it hits, but the Igniter can be refueled as a full-round action by pouring a pint of lamp oil into its fuel tank. By pressing just one of the buttons, the sword can be used to ignite other flammable objects (as the spark cantrip, but non-magically and only by touching the target with the weapon), hence the name. Most Igniters come with a Hand Guard to prevent stray flames from striking the user, which grants a +2 bonus to CMD against attempts to disarm or sunder the weapon, and a +4 shield bonus to AC against physical attacks specifically targeting the limb holding the Igniter. For safety reasons, Igniters are never sold with fuel in their tanks - their fuel must be purchased separately. Due to the complexity of this weapon, it requires a Craft check with a DC 5 higher than normal to create an Igniter (i.e. DC 20 for a normal Igniter, or DC 25 for a Masterwork Igniter).

Signet Knife

This small knife is a favorite of nobles, businessmen, and clerks who handle a lot of mail. A sharp cutting edge makes it easy to open documents, but the real value is the attached signet at the end, which can be stamped onto papers (and other items, at the GM's discretion) to form a single complex mark up to one inch wide. This is similar to the Arcane Mark cantrip, except that it is not magical, must be visible, and can consist of complex markings instead of letters. Blacksmiths and other craftsmen with the appropriate skills can create a new signet at a cost of 1 GP (and a few minutes of work to actually make the switch). Signet knives are particularly popular in bureaucratic areas, where each person might have their own knife so their superiors can see who dealt with any given document.

Thief's Dagger

A favored tool of the professional burglar, the Thief's Dagger was carefully designed for the benefit of those who use it. In addition to being easy to conceal - including a +4 bonus to Sleight of Hand checks to hide it - the Thief's Dagger can be used as masterwork tools for the Disable Device skill (granting a +2 bonus to all Disable Device checks) by popping out a variety of tools carefully hidden in the handle. Hiding or extending the tools can be done as a free action.

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