The City of 7 Seraphs

Physical Description

The xodai form is strange to those from the Prime Worlds. While roughly humanoid and close in size to the humanoid volunteers they were born from, there the similarities end. The xodai body resembles a metallic crystal but is warm and soft to the touch. The arcane geometries required to imprison the hellcore in their beings often manifest in physics-defying configurations. It is common to see complete phyiscal breaks in the lines of their body’s form, its joining of upper to lower by an apparent void of empty space around their hellcore.

Despite these breaks, the cohesion of the body mirrors that of singular mass and while slightly more resilient sustains damage similarly. It is less common but not unheard of to see similar disruptions in their limbs and other extremities. Despite being able to contain the corrupted essence magically, the hellcore is usually visible to those observing the xodai.

Manifestations of the fiend’s essence sometimes show up in one like protrusions or clawlike spikes within the xodai’s morphology. These protrusions are mostly a visible side effect with little actual use as weapons, though some xodai do manage to learn how to use their anatomy effectively in combat. The transfiguration process seems to override basic anatomical requirements in every way. Their dark crystal-like flesh can possess sensory surfaces granting eyesight were no visible eyes are present. The same is true of olfactory organs. In extreme cases the xodai’s voice seems to emanate from the crystal of their form.


As created beings, the xodai generally mirror the societies they are drawn from. In the city, they usually rise from the Daestari and Xo people, and most commonly loyal to the Everlasting Dawn. Other parities including the Steamstriders and the Booksealers find them fascinating subjects and scholars of the magics of evil although the Daestari taboo of this study still is strong within many of the species. Most newborn xodai in the City of 7 Seraphs have been used to imprison kytons who threatened the City or fiends sent by She Who Follows, herself. These younger xodai are more generally loyal to the city itself and often times were volunteer candidates born of the non-Daestari or Xo parentage.

These xodai participate more in standard society. Some few of them experiencing what is called the deep cleansing. In which they are rendered completely unaware of their prior lives. Culturally these xodai are treated as newborns. While uncommon house of heights has successfully used the xodai ritual of Transfiguration to sunder a problematic entropic eternal. These xodai bore distinctively more humanoid appearances and claimed to have relatively unknown abilities.

Most consistent social behavior exhibited by xodai is that of disassociation. Xodai each being born in groups of six are discouraged from actively associating with one another when from the same birth group. It is believed that as a minimum, xodai bearing hellcore’s from the same fiend should live in different districts. Preferably, they should be scattering throughout the known worlds.

Steps are taken to actively discourage members of any one birth group from coming to harm. The aggressive nature of the hellcore often drives xodai to struggle with this mandate. When possible, a member of each birth group is secreted away in the prime worlds. This xodai is called the Promise. They represent the intention of the birth group to prevent the sundered fiend with an them from ever regaining its form. Promise xodai are most often found cloistered in monasteries or living simple secluded lives on farms or otherwise safe from harm’s way.


Due to the nature of the ritual of transformation used to create new xodai, some remnant of the candidate humanoid remains. Biases and preferences that creature showed prior to transformation often linger after the rebirth and sundering. Mild influence from a xodai’s hellcore can also impact these things.

Xodai often struggle with other planetouched. Aasimar in particular tend to have visceral reactions to the hellcore’s of each xodai. In turn the hellcore of many xodai becomes agitated in the presence of celestial blooded creatures. While generally protected from the evil within them, some emotional bleed has been known to happen leading to complex interactions between the xodai in these creatures.

Similarly tiefling and judow creatures tend to draw out unusual emotional responses from the xodai. Whether or not it is a curiosity with the relatively homogenize nature of a tiefling or a more visceral response to ancestral rivalry. Or inappropriate attentions to the constructed nature of judow, particularly in the case of kytons hellcore-xodai.

Elan elicit a strange sort of kinship from xodai. On the one hand many xodai consider them cousins of the sort. The rituals of Transfiguration for both species share some mystical commonalities. However the singular nature of the elan transformation is seen as lonely or isolated by many xodai. This in turn can lead to offense or irritation by élan who already experience some difficulty in relating to others post Reformation.

Alignment & Religion

Due to the magical nature of the abjuration’s bound into their Transfiguration, many xodai find even contemplating evil acts incredibly difficult. Some speculate that as the essence of evil intention grows within them that it is drawn into the hellcore at the depths of their being. As such, many of them remembering the intention of their original candidates fight with all their being against even the appearance of evil.

On occasion when candidacy is held up waiting for a fifth or sixth member to complete the ritual an individual is recruited who is more desirous of the empowerment of the Transfiguration then its insurance against the return of a powerful evil. It is this pressure that is most likely to allow the creation and rebirth of evil Xodai. Beyond this xodai created in dark realms are usually evil and only made from fiends that displease infernal priests.


Xodai are often very conflicted by the call to conflict and adventure. Many of them seek to avoid violence and bodily harm at all costs feeling it would jeopardize the imprisonment of the essence within their hellcore, others fear exposing themselves to fiends that otherwise seek to release their allies and masters. Despite their best efforts sometimes it is not enough and danger seeks them out. These xodai may seek adventure as a way to be ever on the move, surround themselves with powerful allies, or even to gain the power to defend themselves.

Some xodai can’t help but adventure to seek some measure of comfort from the struggling emotions within themselves. The variance in emotional bleed from their hellcores can cause one member in a single birth group to experience heightened aggression and other negative emotions that motivate the xodai to take action despite the risks. That same group might have five other xodai born with complete self-control and calm. Some even adventure to find a more permanent solution to destroying the essence of the fiend within.

Xodai Species Traits

+2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom: Xodai are magically shaped to bare the damage and bleed through the ageless strength of persona of that are trapped within them.

Medium size: Xodai are medium creatures and thus have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Native Outsider: Xodai are outsiders with the native subtype. Xodai only possess the native subtype while in plane of their transfiguration, losing it while anywhere else.

Normal Speed: Xodai have a base speed of 30 feet.

Darkvision: Xodai can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Minor Fortification: Xodai a 10% chance to negate precision damage, critical hits, and sneak attacks.

Hellcore Resistance: Xodai gain any two energy resistances at 5. They must select from energies the fiend type the fragment contained in their hellcore had resistance or immunity to.

Hellcore Surge: Xodai can increase the numeric damage results of any one energy effect matching one of their resistances by 50% as a swift action 1/day. They may use this ability to impact any item, power, spell or supernatural ability they possess.

Keeper of the Core: Xodai are considered possessed for game purposes. Protection from evil effects hedge the xodai who fail a Will save out as though they are a summoned creature (see aura of the entrapped below).

Grasp of the Hellcore: Xodai who use class features, spells, powers or maneuvers with the evil descriptors can remove the evil descriptor from an effect once per day per point of Constitution modifier (minimum 1) they have. This ability can remove the evil descriptor from a veilweaver’s veil as long the xodai commits no evil acts while using it. Profane bonuses provided by effects altered with grasp of the hellcore become circumstance bonuses instead. The tainted energy is filtered into the center of their being as long as their intentions are good. If they commit an act of evil (GM’s discretion) of their own volition they suffer alignment consequences as usual.

Aura of the Entrapped: Xodai radiate two auras, one their own and the other of the sundered. Magic reveals the alignment of the fiend essence as though though the xodai is that evil alignment (determined by the GM). This second aura’s damaged nature makes it particularly noticeable to outsiders. A DC 20 Perception check allows any outsider to sense the xodai and offers and intuitive understanding of its nature. The xodai take damage from bane weapons as an evil outsider and holy weapons as though it were evil, even when it isn’t.

Locked Perceptions: Xodai can sense one another from each group that was created together. Within a range of 1 mile per level, the gain the benefits of a status spell regarding one another. At larger ranges, xodai are known to still share dreams, feel extremes of emotion or otherwise sense one another’s well-being.

Guarded: Xodai gain a +2 species bonus to Bluff checks.

Crystalline Prison: Xodai gain a +1 natural armor bonus.

Languages: Xodai begin play speaking Common and Infernal. Xodai with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Abyssal, Aklo, Celestial, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, or Terran.

Alternate Species Traits

Arcane Sustenance (Su)

Some xodai derive sustenance from residual magical energy. When you save against a spell for a negates effect you draw the vestiges of its power into you via your hellcore, gaining sustenance as though a full meal was consumed. If the spell was at least 3rd level or higher you instead may go without eating or drinking for 1 day. If it was 6th level or higher, you do not need to breath for 1 day. This ability replaces minor fortification.

Arcane Rejuvenation (Su)

Some xodai are healed by residual magical energy. When you save against a spell for a reduced effect you draw the vestiges of its power into you via your hellcore, gaining fast healing 1 for 1 minute per level of the spell resisted. If the spell was at least 3rd level or higher you instead may gain fast healing 2 instead. If it was 6th level or higher, you may gain fast healing 3 instead. This ability replaces crystalline prison.

Dangerous Angles (Su)

Xodai may select one natural weapon from the following: Claws (1d4 for medium), gore (1d8 for medium), or slam (1d6 for medium). These attacks may be used as primary natural attacks if fighting without weapons or secondary attacks if using manufactured weapons. This ability replaces minor fortification.

Eldritch Aptitude (Su)

One of your spellcasting classes draws off the energies around your hellcore growing stronger by syphoning power from it. Select one spellcasting class, for purposes of this class you may treat its primary spellcasting attribute score as though it was 2 higher than it actually is. This ability replaces hellcore surge.

Empowering Hellcore (Su)

The remnant consciousness of the fiend trapped in the hellcore reinforces the mind and body of the xodai, select one familiar or psicrystal benefit that the hellcore grants you. This ability replaces guarded.

Hellcore Affinity (Su)

Your spells and powers that deal energy damage matching one of your energy resistances gain +1 point of damage per die used in the effect (minimum +1). This ability replaces grasp of the hellcore.

Hellcore Anchor (Su)

One of your spells or powers can be anchored in the energies around your hellcore sustaining it and stabilizing it. The power or spell’s duration is doubled, this increase stacks with the benefits of the Extend Spell and Extend PowerUP feats. This ability replaces hellcore surge.

Hellcore Strike (Su)

Xodai can add +1d6 of energy damage to any one weapon that are attacking with as a swift action. This ability may be active for 1 round for each point of Constitution they possess and may be ended as a free action. These rounds do not have to be used at the same time. This ability replaces minor fortification.

Tyrantcore Grasp (Su)

Your imprisoned fiend’s essence is one of law as well as evil. You may use magic and class features requiring lawful alignments regardless of your actual alignment. You also strip the law descriptor from abilities, powers, and spells you use as long as your intention still honors your non-chaotic alignment component. This replaces the hellcore surge species ability.

Warpcore Grasp (Su)

Your imprisoned fiend’s essence is one of chaos as well as evil. You may use magic and class features requiring chaotic alignments regardless of your actual alignment. You also strip the chaos descriptor from abilities, powers, and spells you use as long as your intention still honors your non-chaotic alignment component. This replaces the hellcore surge species ability.

Will of the Infernal (Su)

You have learned how to bleed the anger and will of the entrapped fiend remnant within you to take over the maintenance of spells, powers, and supernatural powers you create. Once a day as a swift action you may select one spell you are currently concentrating on and pass the concentration of the spell to your hellcore for 1 minute per hit die allowing you to be free to use magic or powers or initiate another concentration effect. This ability replaces hellcore surge.

Species Subtypes


More than most types of xodai, those that shattered powerful Devils in the Rite of Sundering Rebirth usually have the tyrantcore grasp and hellcore affinity for fire.


Xodai, containing shards of Demon essence are frequently possessive of the warpcore grasp and hellcore affinity for lightning.

Variant Heritages

Celestial Jailer (Su)

The creator's curiosities did not stop with fiends. A small number of xodai were made with other sundered outsiders. These shattered angels draw goodness to them in a similar manner to the Hellcore, allowing evil characters to utilize powers of light and healing without fully experiencing the spiritual consequences. These creatures remove the [good] descriptor from any spell or ability they use as per the hellcore ability above. They may replace [evil] with [good] for descriptor based species mechanics, including favored class bonuses. Sacred bonuses become circumstance bonuses. Their aura of the entrapped shows instead the aura of a good aligned outsider in addition to the xodai’s own. These experiments are seen as living blasphemies by the xodai and are hunted relentlessly if discovered.


Xodai names tend to follow some similar pattern in each group of volunteers used in the Rite of Sundering Rebirth. Examples might include: Xidath, Ximar, Xigan, Ximox, Xitel, and Xygur as a prefix set usually used to reference the fiend sundered or suffix, usually tied to the time of the Rite of Sundering such as Midal, Urdal, Vedal, Tandal, Keddal, and Mordal.


Xodai are often born of martyrs. Candidates for the transfiguration are usually those who have been impacted personally by a fiend and they see the Rite of Sundering as a form of vengeance. Like many who seek vengeance, few xodai truly know what to do after achieving their goals. As a result of these strange and abrupt fulfillment, many xodai suffer a period of doubt or confusion after the change.

Seeking to rediscover themselves after this transformation, xodai ofter remedy their confusion by academic or philosophical pursuits. Most xodai quickly discover they are ill suited to those pursuits and instead opt for distractions in other fields. Performance arts and debate are favorite callings, as are careers in civic services. In time the xodai must come to terms with their duality and the contradiction of sustaining evil to contain it completely. It is not a burden that rests well in many minds. Those that successfully navigate the surges and self-destructive thoughts that arise often become council for the others. This is particularly the case in settlements where the Daestari and Xo are still prevalent enough to provide solid support structures.

Xodai who fail to reconcile their extreme natures are often hunted by their own circles and placed into protective custody to maintain the sacrifice of their original candidate’s life. Sometimes this even degenerates to lifetime institutionalization. Given the magnitude of the sacrifice required to create a new group of Xodai, the others ensure that when one loses faith, the others five are able to step in.


While generally humanoid in shape, the process of xodai transfiguration completely changes the candidate’s body from the original form they had. Still required to eat, sleep, and breathe, the newborn xodai many of their biological processes become completely arcane in nature. Their shapes are often three-dimensional extraction of the various runes and binding glyphs that comprise the hellcore’s prison. This can lead to morphologies that defy physics with floating anatomy that is resilient in its placement held by magical forces as strong as sinew or bone if not stronger. Oddly the hellcore is often visible floating at the center of this strange configuration held in check primarily by invisible spiritual forces.

Most standard physiology being completely subsumed by arcane replacements, xodai generally emerge from Transfiguration genderless. Some bare suggestions of anatomy appropriate to the original candidates form or appropriate to that of the prisoner inside their hellcore fragment. These suggestions do not always match what, if any, internal gender the xodai experiences. Most of them are too committed to the purpose of their state as living prisons to be overly concerned about their own identities but some are taken by surprise by this facet of the transformation.

The combination of alien anatomies and an arcane physiology causes many xodai difficulty when wearing clothing. Given their lack of normal anatomy many xodai choose to eschew clothes entirely only wearing magical items that will enhance their ability to survive or defend themselves. Those that choose to wear clothing often need to have such garments specially tailored for their variant forms and anatomical oddities. Despite the appearance of burning it is rare that energies emitted from the xodai’s hellcore are uncontrolled enough to be a risk of damaging items and clothing they do choose to wear.


Most xodai try not to engage in battles they are not certain they can win. Their hellcore’s energetic nature often provide them with access to magic that is savage and powerful. They do not hesitate to use such powers when defending themselves against those who would free their hellcore’s prisoners. xodai avoid situations where they have to fight alone, and almost never take the field without healing magic to restore their body to a pristine state. Occasionally xodai can be disruptive demanding healing when other allies are far more damaged.

If it is an option, xodai fight from range with energies that complement the power of their hellcores. Mages cast lightning and fire into enemy ranks and even more raw magic when battling fiends resistant to the powers of their prisoners.

It is nearly unheard of for xodai to take the role of melee combatants. Those that do are often in the throes of influence from their hellcore. Some of them begin to experience self-destructive delusions or bizarre mnemonic overlays were the fiends memories of carnal savagery are too strong to suppress. The Xo who create the species tend to keep a watchful eye over such individuals. They may even go so far as to assign companions or caretakers whose sole duty is to preserve the xodai’s life despite their reckless behavior. The other xodai created with such a warrior are often made aware of their kinsman’s choices and if possible assume lives more guarded and protected due to the likelihood failure via destruction one of their fellow prisons.


To the xodai death is an ultimate failure. Choosing to live their lives as living prisons containing the shattered essences of fiends it is their duty to live on as long as possible. The bleeding energies from their hellcore make this even more possible by stripping those who live long enough of any lingering vestiges of mortality. It is rumored some of the very first xodai who Nexalla created still live. While some consider such tales pure fancy, the House of Heights has verified the potential for a baseline form of immortality in the species.

With this in mind xodai grieve one another’s losses profoundly. The nature of the hellcore bond causes a xodai’s body to rapidly decompose if it is not swiftly restored to life by appropriate magic. When this occurs all remaining xodai who are carrying essence from the same sundered fiend are instantly aware of their kinsman’s passing. With each such death the threat of failure and freedom to the imprisoned sundered evil within grows nearer. Xodai who are dead long enough (1/day per hit dice) to release their hellcore and are restored to life instead reform as a reincarnate spell into their original species.

Shattered Fiends and Families

Xodai are born from a diverse number of species. What motivates any single creature to undertake the Sundering Rite is always a deeply personal matter but rarely a simple one. Often the volunteers are those who have been greatly wrong by the fiend they will imprison or its agents. Others are those too sick or infirm with age to contribute to the war against evil. To further complicate matters, the Everlasting Dawn and the Xo binders and mindpriests that officiate the Sunderbirth keep expansive records of the transformed.

This often leads the families of those who are reborn to believe they will have some connection to the newborn xodai who emerges. While rare cases of particularly strong residual memory do exist, it is far more likely that the newly awakened being will have only the vaguest sense of familiarity looking at close friends and even former spouses or lovers. Sometimes this is perceived by others as abandonment or dereliction of duties and most Xo officiants of the Rite strongly discourage volunteers with ties to others still living.

Magic however cares even less the wills of the reborn. Messy affairs of xodai spirits still be recognized as heirs by ancient divine magics are alarmingly common place. Additionally, magic tied to the planes of Dream and Nightmare frequently confront xodai with echoes from their prior lives. Some xodai so impacted have been known to become increasingly fascinated with their former existences. Others have exceptionally volatile reactions to these mental artifacts and react poorly toward vestiges of their prior lives. Members of the same Sunderbirth (the group a six that contain the same fiend’s essence) often sense these connections and in some cases even begin to share these experiences with one another. The blurred lines often heighten the confusion when an unrelated xodai takes interested in another’s prior existence.

Given these realities it is not uncommon for allies of sundered fiends to target the families of xodai known to bare strong mnemonic links or to afflict them with magic from realms like the Dreamlands or Plane of Nightmare. To combat this possibility all candidates and known supportive loved ones are required to study psychic defense before and after the Rite. While often helpful, the danger is enough to discourage many volunteers from large families and those with strong romantic ties or filial bonds from the Rite.

Xodai Species Feats

Ageless Prison

Your hellcore sustains your body against the rigors of time and age.

Prerequisites: Hellcore species feature.

Benefit: You do not suffer standard aging penalties. You no longer have a maximum age.

Fiendish Anatomy

Your transfigured form has anatomy that can be used in combat like a weapon.

Prerequisites: Hellcore species feature.

Benefit: Select one of the following natural attacks: claw, bite or gore. You gain a primary natural attack of this variety and size appropriately. You may use this weapon in addition to the deadly angles species feature if you have it.

Hellcore Blast

Your hellcore may vent the fiendish energies trapped within it in destructive blasts.

Prerequisites: Hellcore species feature.

Benefit: Select an energy type you have resistance to. You may unleash a ray of energy dealing 1d6 + 1d6/2 levels as a ranged touch attack. You may vent these energies once per day per constitution modifier you have.

Hellcore Charge

You may fuel your hellcore blast by siphoning the evil of spells to burn within you.

Prerequisites: Hellcore Blast feat

Benefit: You may regain a use of your hellcore blast by using your grasp of the hellcore species ability.

Hellcore Mindjailer

You may shunt attempts to control or possess you into the hellcore at your center.

Prerequisites: Hellcore species feature.

Benefit: Once a day you may reroll a Will save versus a possession or mind-affecting effect. If successful this effect targets your hellcore instead of you harmlessly lost in targeting the fragmented essence.

Hellcore Wave

You may unleash a wave of energy from your hellcore to hit multiple enemies.

Prerequisites: Hellcore Blast feat

Benefit: You may spend two daily uses of your hellcore blast power to unleash a 30 ft. cone of energy. This cone deals 1d6 per hit die of damage, split evenly between the energy types of each of your energy resistances. The Reflex save to half this damage has a DC of 10+1/2 your character level + your Constitution modifier. This ability is a supernatural ability.

Favored Class Options

  • Aegis: Add +1/6 to the aegis’s crystalline prison natural armor bonus.
  • Aethernaunt: +1/4 level for the effectiveness of the aethernaut’s device or rapid rebuild ability (maximum +2 to each ability).
  • AlchemistAPG: Gain energy resistance 1 against the energies of your hellcore resistance. Each time the alchemist selects this reward, increase her resistance to one of these energy types by 1 (maximum 10 for any one type).
  • Antipaladin: Add +1/2 hit point to the antipaladin’s touch of corruption ability (whether using it to heal or harm).
  • ArcanistACG: When casting arcanist spells you have removed the evil descriptor from, add +1/3 to the effective caster level, but only for the purpose of determining duration.
  • Eclipse: Add 1/6 a daily use of grasp of the hellcore to remove evil descriptors from veils.
  • Echo: Add 1/6 a deeper reflection that grants access to a mental source origin or grants a memory of power of a spell or psionic power with the evil descriptor.
  • KineticistOA: Add +1/4 damage to element blasts that do damage matching at type of energy from your hellcore resistance trait.
  • Nexus: Choose one veil with an evil descriptor add +1/4 to the save DC of that veil when using the grasp of the hellcore species ability while shaping it.
  • OccultistOA: Gain 1/3 a point of mental focus power you may only invest in a conjuration or evocation school implement.
  • ParamourCoLSP: +1/3 a point when committing tides of passion points during a round that the xodai has taken damage from an evil outsider type creature.
  • PsychicOA: Select one spell list from a class other than psychic. Add 1 spell with an evil descriptor to your psychic spells known at a level 1 higher than its original list. You may only cast spells taken this way using your grasp of the hellcore ability.
  • Radiant: Add +1/4 to the DC of your unwilling bond ability when used on evil-aligned creatures.
  • Shadow Weaver: +1/6 of a piercing glimpse.
  • Sorcerer: Add a +1 bonus to the sorcerer’s caster level checks made to overcome the spell resistance of fiends.
  • SummonerAPG: Add +1/3 to the eidolon’s evolution pool if that eidolon is a fiendish or celestial form.
  • TacticianUP: Add +1/4 a strategy know to the tactician list of strategies.
  • Time ThiefRGGTF: Add 1/3 of an additional mote to boost one skill check or ability check
  • VitalistUP: Gain +1/2 additional power point per day.
  • VizierAM: Increase your effective veilweaving level by +1/4, up to a maximum effective veilweaving level equal to your total character level.
  • WilderUP: Add 1/2 a conjuration spell as a power known from the wilder power list. This spell count as one level higher than the spell and must be one level lower than the highest power level the wilder can manifest.
  • Wizard: Add a +1 bonus to the wizard’s caster level checks made to overcome the spell resistance of fiends.
  • ZodiacCoLSZ: Add +1/2 point of damage to all attacks you make with the weapon form of a constellation matching an element matching either of your hellcore resistance elements, and to the natural attacks and weapons of any champion of a matching element you manifest.

Xodai Options

-Hellcore Sorcerer (Sorcerer Bloodline)

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